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#StateofInfluence: An Interview with Jordan Grant

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We recently released our State of Influencer Marketing Report 2020 which revealed that the top two motivations for influencers when working with brands were monetary compensation and valuable content for their community. As part of the report, we connected with a group of influencers, to understand their take on the current influencer marketing industry, to uncover insights about brand/creator collaborations. We wanted to interview Jordan Grant, a UK based content creator, to understand some of her biggest motivations, and important factors to consider for an influencer working with brands.

#StateofInfluence: An Interview with Jordan Grant

How did you get into being a full-time creator?

I first studied Fashion PR & Marketing at London College of Fashion, throughout my time at university I did a lot of internships. I started at Versace in their wholesale team, then Tom Ford Beauty in PR, and then to fine jewelers Garrard in their PR team. Showcasing the inside of what it's like to be an intern on my Instagram, people began to follow me and ask questions about how I got the internship and what my day to day role was like. I then finished university and moved to Dubai to intern for Harper's Bazaar Arabia which is where my following really started to grow as I showed all the in's and out's of working at a magazine. Since then I've worked as a creative and digital marketing consultant, managing a team of two as well as working with different freelancers for my clients. I'm lucky as I have that role as well as content creation for brands I work with on Instagram.


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Warmer days, lighter looks.. I miss Paris.

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What is the biggest motivation for you when working with brands?

For me, the brand really has to be aligned with my style, my audience and I have to genuinely like what they're producing, their messaging, and so forth. Also, I think it's important to create a relationship with the brand before jumping straight into a paid collaboration, several of the brands I now work with are brands I've bought as a consumer many times and still purchase from.

What is your advice for someone trying to become a creator/get into influencer marketing?

The influencer landscape is definitely oversaturated with a lot of people creating similar content and understandably it is difficult to stand out and be unique sometimes. I think it's important to try to find your niche, adopt a signature style, and reach out to brands you already love and see if they would be interested in a collaboration.


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Thank you for dressing me @marykatrantzou for last nights British Fashion Awards. @britishfashioncouncil @bulgariofficial.

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What do you think is the most essential quality to have as a creator to become successful in influencer marketing?

Time management and being efficient. Brands are working to deadlines and often is easy to not produce content quickly for many reasons but being as efficient as possible, providing brands with analytics and also making sure you have a clear understanding of what the brand is trying to achieve.

We hope you enjoyed this interview. For more insights on some of the challenges and motivations that brands and influencers face when creating content and working with brands, download our report below.

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