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#FashionTalks: How the Iconic Tiffany & Co. Stays Relevant

Julie Tsai

When Tiffany & Co. was founded in 1837 by Charles Lewis, the arrival of his Tiffany setting design and the signature Blue Box became a sensation in the industry. As one of the first American luxury brands, Tiffany & Co’s founding not only helped shape the American luxury industry but it also democratized luxury indulgence in the Americas. Now even after more than 180 years since its founding, the heritage brand continues to be one of the most sought-after jewelry brands for many women around the world and the brand continues to value innovation and quality craftsmanship in everything they do.

In this episode of #FashionTalks, we meet with Jaye Thompson, who is currently head of Global PR & Strategy Development at Tiffany & Co. Prior to his move in 2017, Jaye spent the previous 20 years of his career based in London. Working across some of the most notable communications agencies in the city, his career has spanned strategic communications oversight to some of the world’s best-known brands, including Calvin Klein, Versace, Celine and Roberto Cavalli. The recent move to New York places him at the heart of crafting messaging and PR programming for what is arguably the world’s most iconic jewelry brand.

As we speak, Jaye shares with us his career journey and growth since he first started in PR to becoming Head of Global PR & Strategy Development for an iconic jewelry brand. Throughout the podcast Jaye continues to discuss with us the strategy behind Tiffany’s continuous success in staying relevant as a heritage brand in the age of instant information: from Tiffany’s memorable retail experiences, to the launch of the Blue Box Café, to their implementation of influencer marketing strategies in the recent years, and their collaborations with red carpet stars.

Tune in below to discover how Jaye and the Tiffany brand builds strategic partnerships, create beautiful and thoughtful designs, execute memorable marketing communications, and give back to the local and global community through the social innovation initiatives.

Listen to “#FashionTalks | Jaye Thompson, Global PR & Strategy Development, Tiffany & Co.” on Spreaker.

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Julie Tsai

After completing her Master's degree, Julie decided to continue her journey exploring the fields of fashion and tech. Apart from her interests in both topics, Julie is also an advocate of animal welfare and girls' education.

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