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Karlie Kloss x Adidas: A Data Analysis of the Campaign Performance

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In our recently launched report on the athleisure industry, we found that celebrities were some of the highest value-earners for brands in 2020, with most of the top posts by MIV® coming from partnerships with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Selena Gomez. Alongside this, we've also seen an increase in co-branded product launches, where both influencers and celebrities contribute to the creative direction and makeup of a collection. Today, we examine the success of such partnerships, by analyzing Karlie Kloss and her recent partnership with athleisure giant, Adidas.

To analyze the campaign we utilize our propriety algorithm, Media Impact Value™ (MIV®), which is finely tuned to the specificities of the fashion, luxury, and beauty industries and tracks publications across print, online and social.

Karlie Kloss x Adidas: A Data Analysis of the Campaign Performance

Overall, Karlie Kloss x Adidas accumulated $2.1M in MIV® in just one month between the collection launch and December 3rd, 2020. This was a direct result of a combination of content on Karlie's channels, Adidas' Owned Media, Media coverage, and other Influencers and Celebrities supporting the launch. Adidas took a holistic, omnichannel approach in order to achieve such high results, and the campaign is the perfect example of a varied Voice Mix directly contributing to a successful launch.

The top Voices for Karlie Kloss x Adidas

As mentioned, there was quite a diverse range of specific channels that generated value for the campaign. The top Voice name overall was Celebrity Manushi Chhillar who accumulated $874K in MIV® across 10 placements. The Indian actress, model, and former Miss World winner supported and endorsed the campaign across her Instagram account - which was also the main channel driving value overall. Of course, Karlie Kloss was also a top name, with a total MIV® of $603K and an average MIV® per post of $40.2K which is extremely high. Regional channels for Elle and Cosmopolitan also contributed to the overall value, as did Adidas' personal website which drove high organic searches for the campaign.

Karlie Kloss Adidas Data


Karlie Kloss' Top Posts for the Campaign 

The Announcement

The top post overall on Karlie's feed was part of the launch campaign she shared on her Instagram. Kloss featured a series of posts sharing the official images to announce the launch of the partnership with Adidas. The post was liked by 69K Instagram users and received the attention of Adidas' Owned Media account, Lily Aldridge, and Christy Turlington who all shared their positive comments and support. This sort of partnership between celebrities and brands often attracts the network of said Celebrity which helps to amplify the campaign even further and gives the launch added authority.


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Total MIV®: $141,567


In this post, Karlie shared a rare behind the scenes carousel post with sneak peeks of the collection in order to create anticipation before the launch. She shared a series of photos and videos which featured the process behind the campaign photoshoot, as well as images of her fellow models and candid shots of the group interacting. This natural build-up typically performs well as it generates hype but also makes fans feel part of the experience and the process behind the work going into the launch.


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Total MIV®: $117,634

The Countdown

Another post that appeared in the list of top 10 placements by Karlie Kloss was this video which featured a countdown, compiling snippets from the collection and clips of Karlie exercising and getting active across the past year. As someone who is quite vocal about being active on her social channels, part of the success behind the partnership was because the collaboration actually made sense. As a fitness lover herself, it was only natural that Karlie partnered with a brand like Adidas to create a collection, rather than another large name who has no affinity to athletics or fitness.


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Total MIV®: $57,964

The athleisure industry has continued to boom, and brands are cleverly capitalizing on the authority of Celebrities on social media, especially in light of COVID. Partnering with names that have authority in the fitness industry can not only attract fans that will likely purchase the collection, but also adds credibility to the actual launch itself, driving awareness and mass support. If you would like to explore more trends in the athleisure industry as well as view a full brand ranking, just click the banner below.

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