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KnowyourMIV® with Madeleine White at Coachella Festival 2023

Céline Sabbagh

Welcome to our latest edition of #KnowYourMIV®. Today, we take a closer look at Coachella being one of the biggest and most anticipated music festivals in the world, hosted in Palm Springs, California. Every year, over the course of two weekends in April, fans can experience music and art performances, enjoy a variety of events and brand activations around fashion, food, wellness, and much more. The proximity of Los Angeles makes it a perfect place to spot celebrities and influencers, who make millions of fans live vicariously through their experience on Coachella grounds. But most importantly, brands have a lot to gain from dressing influencers that attend the festivals.

One of the influencers that stood out this year at the festival was Madeleine White. Born in England, and raised in the United States, she speaks to her fans over on Tiktok and Instagram in a unique British-American accent. Her main platform is TikTok, where despite starting only in 2020, she’s gathered a vast following of 4.2M, with over 306M likes on her videos. She’s also active on Instagram, where she’s got 1M followers. Madeleine became known for her ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos, where she often alters clothes to fit into her unique personal style. Recently she’s gone viral for cutting up a Prada outfit, which she later wore to the brand’s show during Milan Fashion Week. 

Based on our proprietary algorithm’s Media Impact Value™ (MIV®), we analyzed the impact of White’s presence at Coachella. In this #knowyourMIV instalment, we assess the impact that the influencer generated at the festival, and why her Voice is relevant in the industry. 

A Deep Dive Into The Impact Generated by Madeleine White at Coachella

Overall, Madeleine’s presence at Coachella has generated consequent numbers. She’s amassed over $2.2M worth in MIV®, across 14 placements. In terms of platform, her voice is by far the strongest on TikTok, where she’s generated $1.8M in MIV® with only 8 placements. However, she’s managed to gather $421K in MIV® over on Instagram with 3 placements, and $61K in MIV® on YouTube, with 3 placements as well. 

Her top-grossing placement on Tiktok is a reel of her getting ready for her last day of the festival, wearing a see-through metallic dress. The video alone generated a MIV® worth $377K.


You’ll hear me before you see me today folks ✨ the dress is by @danisleaoo #coachellagrwm #coachellaoutfit #coachellafashion

♬ original sound - Madeleine White

On the first day, Madeleine posted a photo on Instagram, showing her first Coachella look, inspired by Winx. The post has generated $314K in MIV®.

How Does Madeleine's Voice Drive Brand Performance?

White excels in driving performance for brands through her captivating content, audience connection and community-building efforts. Her ability to craft visually stunning content, tailor it to her audience's preferences, and foster an engaged community has resulted in exceptional results.

Captivating Content Creation:

Madeleine's visually captivating photographs and compelling videos effortlessly capture the attention of her followers. With her authentic and organic approach to showcasing her personal style in front of millions of followers on a daily basis, she not only establishes trust and authenticity but also creates valuable brand visibility by introducing new brands to her audience. For example, her top post in MIV® during Coachella generated $377K with one single video. In the post, White showcases her look featuring emerging designer Dorowear, With her creativity on full display, she mesmerises her audience by experimenting with various ways to wear the outfit, leaving them captivated and inspired.

Audience Connection:

Madeleine's deep understanding of her audience enables her to create personalized content that resonates with her followers. By aligning her content with their preferences and interests, she cultivates a loyal and engaged community. For instance, during Coachella, White wore a matching set from London-based designer, Masha Popova. With a deep understanding of her audience, the influencer thoughtfully complemented her look with matching butterflies in her hair, consistently surprising her audience with unique and captivating touches. The post generated $314K in MIV® on Instagram.

Community Building:

Madeleine nurtures a vibrant sense of community among her followers, fostering active engagement and building a dedicated fan base. Through her genuine interactions and a signature sign-off of "See You Tomorrow" in her videos, she forges a deep connection with her audience. By openly sharing her knowledge and personal style, she not only establishes herself as a relatable figure but also encourages her followers to actively participate and feel like valued members of her community.

Every year, Coachella attracts an array of influential figures, whose social media followers are curious about not only musical performances but also the trends and brands their favourite influencers are wearing. Voices such as Madeleine White are a great medium to drive exceptional performance for brands, resulting in increased reach, engagement, and conversions.

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