#KnowyourMIV® with Model Roz

Céline Sabbagh

Welcome to our series #KnowYourMIV. In this article, we are looking into Model ROZ and the impact she generated while attending New York Fashion Week in September 2022.

Saudi model and social media influencer Model Roz is known for her socials filled with photos of her celebrity friends, elevated styles and, of course, her signature pink statement looks. Known as Model Roz or Roz, the star of Instagram’s real name is Rawan Abdullah Abu Zaid. Coming from Al Jubail, the twenty-nine-year-old is one of the first KSA-born models to work for mainstream fashion brands, like Victoria Secret’s PINK and Guess.

Model Roz originally moved to the United States to pursue a degree in interior design, and to pursue her dreams of becoming a model. The model symbolises the image of a strong and resilient Arab woman that made a name for herself by working with a wide range of well-known brands in the fashion industry. She currently has an impressive 14.3 Million followers on Instagram, and 1.6M on TikTok, making her one of the most popular Saudi models out there.

Model Roz has been making her way in the fashion and luxury industry. Through our proprietary algorithm’s Media Impact Value™ (MIV®), we analyzed the impact Model Rz generated through her posts and showing her outstanding looks styled by Mikiel Benyamin while attending Fashion Week in New York in September 2022. 

#KnowYourMIV: An analysis into the impact generated by Roz during NYFW

Overall, the model generated a total MIV® of $404.8K through sixteen posts globally on Socials. On Instagram only, with 9 posts, Roz generated $361.9K in MIV®. In this article, we are looking into the posts that generated the most MIV®. On TikTok, the model generated $26.8K in MIV® across 2 posts and $16K in MIV® across 5 posts for Facebook.

As for her first show during New York Fashion Week, Model Roz attended the Monse show and shared her look outside of the venue in a carousel. She wore a mini skirt with a leather bustier. The post alone generated $41K in MIV®.

On TikTok, Model Roz shared a video of herself wearing another American label, called Area. Roz is first showing us a closeup of her white look with a bright pink bag, we then see her in front of a big crowd at the Area show venue in the streets of New York. The post alone generated $21K in MIV®.

The model’s top post on Facebook is a picture of herself wearing a backless Maison Margiela navy gown and attending the Daily Front Row awards for New York Fashion Week. The post generated $3.2K in MIV®.

Overall, Saudi model and social media influencer has been generating great MIV® for all the brands she's been working with during New York Fashion Week this season. We hope you enjoyed this instalment of #KnowYourMIV where we analyzed the impact generated by Model Roz across her social platforms during the event.

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