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#KnowYourMIV: The Top 10 Beauty Influencers on Xiaohongshu (RED)

Gina Gulberti

It’s time for another #KnowYourMIV article! In this blog we’ll have a look at RED’s, aka Xiaohongshu, top beauty Influencers, or Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).

In our article on the most popular apps in China, we listed some of the top Social Media platforms in the region, including RED. The app is well known for the utilization of KOLs by brands because users can integrate e-commerce links directly on the platform, which is a great advantage for brands, as they can list their products to sell directly onto the site.

As it is such a useful tool for brand-influencer collaborations, let’s have a look at some of RED's top Voices, according to their Media Impact Value™ performance, between January - May 2021.


This Key Opinion Leader on Xiaohongshu (RED) has amassed a total MIV® of $1.07M, placing her at the very top of the beauty Influencers on the platform. Her content is centered around beauty and aesthetics, showcasing a range of looks and products she uses. In addition, she also shares beauty inspiration images as well as tutorial videos.

Her average Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) comes in at $28.3K, and one of her top RED posts mentioning Chanel Beauty made $146.6K MIV®.

The Influencer has also made high rating posts featuring Lancôme, Shu Uemura, and Givenchy beauty, generating $80.4K and $77K MIV® respectively.



This Influencer’s overall Media Impact Value™ during the period amounted to $908.4K, which averages to $15.9K across 57 posts.

Daily-cici’s beauty content includes skincare recommendations and tips on products and routines. She has mentioned major beauty brands in her posts such as L’Oreal Paris, resulting in $17K MIV®.



Sharing plenty of quality beauty content across different Social Media platforms keeps this Influencer at the top of our rankings. Doudou_babe includes a wide variety of products from skincare and beauty brands, and her followers look to her for tutorials, reviews, and product recommendations. Her MIV® total between January - May of this year was $835.3K, with an average of $39.7K across 21 placements.

The post below featuring Charlotte Tilbury, YSL Beauty, and Chanel Beauty generated $92.5K in MIV®.

This February post made $89.8K MIV® and included the brands Diptyque, Kilian Paris, and Penhaligon.



是阿束啊 has a potential reach of over 1 million, and her total Media Impact Value™ generated between January and May is over $792K, with a strong average of $18.4K MIV® per placement, across 43 posts during that period. 

She features beauty brands in her cheerful posts where she showcases tutorials, beauty and skincare tips, and discusses her favorite brands and products. 

This post with the brand Makeup Forever made $31.5K in MIV®.

In several different placements, she has included products from L’Oreal Paris. The post below made $30.3K in Media Impact Value™ for the brand.



Her social profile is full of video content and filmed tutorials of her skincare and makeup routines, where she tests new products. Similar to what you might expect from beauty content on TikTok, 火山大王’s videos are cut and overlayed with music to a style of content similar to skincare trends on the popular short video platform.

Just as number 4 on our list, 是阿束啊, this Influencer has also created posts featuring L’Oreal Paris and MakeUp Forever. Although her overall MIV® places her lower in the ranking than the previous beauty Influencer, her top posts for these two brands actually rated higher according to Media Impact Value™.

This post mentioning L’Oreal, for example, made $59.9K.



We aren't surprised to see popular KOL 李佳琦Austin featured in our ranking. Austin’s overall Media Impact Value™ on Xiaohongshu (RED) puts him in 6th place among the top Influencers on this Social Media platform, and although his overall MIV® is certainly noteworthy, his posts themselves are not the highest performing on the platform.

Keeping in line with the style of his content, he builds his channel with content on skincare tips, beauty routines for men, and recommendations and product tests.

This post features luxury skincare brand, Farmacy, and made $38.9K in MIV®.

And this Elemis placement amassed nearly the same amount for the brand at $38.7K.

The results show that despite RED not being the platform where 李佳琦Austin makes the greatest impact, he has still got a big enough influence to be of importance, especially considering his potential reach of over 9 million.


一枝南南 combines both video and picture formats in her posts. Her content often has an editorial edge to it and always keeps in line with her aesthetic of brightly colored posts. She has experience with different brands on multiple platforms, including major brands like Glamglow, Revlon, and L’Oreal Paris.

The post above made $20.1K in MIV® for L’Oreal Paris, adding to her total Media Impact Value™ of $677.9K. 一枝南南 generated an average MIV® of $18.8K across 36 placements January - May 2021.


Beauty KOL Luna为美妆倾家荡产 doesn’t always post images of a complete makeup look, but rather focuses on the details, highlighting specific products that she is testing and sharing her opinion. Detailed shots of her trying different lipstick makes and shades are the type of content you can expect to see on her RED channel. Her total MIV® of $661K places her just below 一枝南南 in ranking, but her stable following and notoriety as an expert in beauty make her one of RED’s top 10 beauty Influencers.

ColourPop, Revlon, and L’Oreal Paris are the top brands you'll likely see mentioned on her channel. This post below of her displaying swatches of different shades of lipsticks made $41.9K in Media Impact Value™ for ColourPop.


Jerrain_ is a popular KOL with a loyal following, her total Media Impact Value™ of $609.4K testifies to her strong presence on the Xiaohongshu (RED) platform.

In May she shared a post featuring the beauty brand Revlon which made $10.5K MIV®.


Similar to the previous KOL, Jerrain_’s content is often centered around close-up shots of swatches testing different lipsticks. Her minimalist posts solely focus on the products themselves and in her captions and comments she shares her thoughts, opinions, and reviews of what she’s tried, and engages with her followers. Brands she has reviewed in her posts include Dior, Tom Ford, Revlon, and L’Oreal Paris.


Lastly on our list of the top 10 RED beauty Influencers is 人雨而是儒! From January to May 2021, she made a total of 39 placements on the platform, with an average Media Impact Value™ of $15.3K and a total of $598.1K MIV®.

One of Xiaohongshu’s top posts overall on the platform is 人雨而是儒’s placement which included products from Shu Uemura and amassed more than $76.8K in MIV®.

人雨而是儒 follows the theme of close up shots of her face to showcase her talented makeup looks with her followers. Besides Shu Uemura, you will also find makeup brands like NYX Cosmetics, L’Oreal Paris, and ColourPop featured in her content.

This completes the list of the top 10 beauty KOLs and Influencers on the Chinese Social Media platform, RED! Some of these creators we’ve seen before but most are Influencers or KOLs that have made their name on Xiaohongshu (RED), which goes to show the diverse and dynamic nature of China’s different Influencers and platforms. Each of these Influencers has had their fair share of experience with a wide range of beauty brands, creating popular content that lends itself to the potential of collaborating with brands for a successful marketing strategy.

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