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#BBMoment: Kylie Jenner’s Winning Holiday Collection

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For this month’s installment of #BBMoment, we examine the incredible $53M in Media Impact Value™ that Kylie Jenner and her brand Kylie Cosmetics generated in just 3 weeks and the main events that contributed during this time. In our analysis, we look at how the makeup mogul made the best of a business announcement to amplify her brand’s marketing activity and the impact it had on the launch of Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection 2019, as well as which Voices provided her with the most value.

If you are an avid fan of beauty, you’ll know that Kylie Jenner has come a long way since the release of her now-infamous “Lip Kit”, which debuted in November 2015. Jump forward just four years and she is now the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, confirming her status as Gen Z royalty and consolidating her profile as a switched-on businesswoman. It was on November 18th, 2019, that cosmetics giant Coty Inc. bought a majority stake in Jenner’s makeup and skincare company, paying $600M for 51% of the business, giving it a $1.2B valuation, and Kylie an estimated net worth of $1B. The news of the acquisition alone drummed up an incredible $11M in Media Impact Value™ and provided the perfect buzz about her brand to amplify the launch of her latest collection. The brand strategically chose November 19th, the day after the acquisition, for the launch of the Kylie Jenner holiday collection, building on an already effective strategy that had been deployed using the authority of her Celebrity Voice through social channels for maximum impact. 

#BBMoment: Kylie Jenner’s Winning Holiday Collection

During the 3-week period measured (November 14th – December 4th), of the $53M generated in MIV®, $24M was generated by the holiday collection.

There were two main Voices contributing to the $24M MIV® earned - the Celebrity Voice (Kylie Jenner) and Owned Media Voice (Kylie Cosmetics), racking up $12M and $8M respectively. The contributions from other Voices are much lower, with Media at $3.3M and the Influencers at just $239K. The split shows that the power of Jenner’s celebrity status is enough alone to drive the results, but that didn’t stop her from leveraging the news of the acquisition to the advantage of the brand launch.

The channel providing the highest value during this period was Instagram, through which Kylie Jenner used her personal and brand account’s combined following of 175M to reach huge audiences consistently during the launch, both pre and post-Coty Inc. announcement. 

Top Instagram Posts by MIV®: @kyliejenner

1) This post shared on her personal account prior to the news and garnered over 3.9M likes and almost 30K comments, earning the highest MIV®. Using assets taken from the Holiday Collection 2019, this gallery both teased the upcoming products and delivered an attention-grabbing offer of free shipping on orders placed on the day of the launch. By utilizing her personal account to drive demand for the upcoming release, Kylie Jenner was able to target millions of consumers and different consumer groups all at the same time.

Total MIV®: $1.6M

2) On the day of the launch, and reveling in furor the announcement of the $600M acquisition by Coty Inc. made, Kylie Jenner used the impact of the news combined with the authority of her Celebrity Voice to great effect, culminating in this post generating $1.5M in MIV®.

Total MIV®: $1.5M

3) Just minutes before the release of the collection, this gallery of two beauty shots was used to announce that the offer of free shipping had been extended by a day, earning the post 3.5M likes and almost 30K comments.


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Just 5 minutes until my Holiday Collection launches on 🎅🏼 with free shipping until 3pm pst Wednesday to celebrate!

Una publicación compartida de Kylie ✨ (@kyliejenner) el

Total MIV®: $1.5M

Top Instagram Posts by MIV®: @kyliecosmetics

1) Earning the top MIV® for Owned Media, this is the only post-launch publication to be featured in this article. Devoid of Kylie Jenner, this gallery has been used to attract the user’s attention and incorporates a caption that encourages them to swipe through to see the product being mentioned.

Total MIV®: $395K


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Our Christmas tree at the #kyliecosmetics HQ 💗🎄 Lipstick duo holiday ornaments available exclusively at @ultabeauty stores! 🎁

Una publicación compartida de Kylie Cosmetics (@kyliecosmetics) el

2) As part of the pre-launch strategy, the Holiday Mini Lip Set was shared after the Coty Inc. news and was used to direct the focus on the product and give followers a better chance of experiencing the collection before its release. Instead of Kylie Jenner, it was the different lip colors that took center stage as the protagonist. The caption included a CTA, asking followers to comment on their favorite shade.

Total MIV®: $385K


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Our Holiday Mini Lip Set 💋 Comment your favorite shade! ✨ Launching TODAY 3pm pst on 🎅🏼

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3) Whilst the pre-launch post shared via the Celebrity Voice (Jenner’s personal account) provided the top MIV® result, on @kyliecosmetics it was the 3rd post. The beauty shot was used to create awareness about the launch but didn’t provide the user with an incentive in the caption as seen earlier.

Total MIV®: $370K


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Who’s watching the Holiday Reveal? 🎅🏼♥️

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By activating strategies that leveraged the two high-value Voices that are in fact led by the founder of Kylie Cosmetics, and using the news around the brand to her advantage for the release of her latest collection, Kylie Jenner was able to use these events to help her generate an overall MIV® of $53M in just 3 weeks. So with celebrity brands, like Kylie Cosmetics, being led by voices that already command authority, it's crucial that these brands leverage the Celebrity Voice to deliver the strongest impact possible through their campaigns.

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