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Samples Feature Updates

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Nicole Alter

You voiced your needs for Launchmetrics Samples, and we listened. We’re rolling out some exciting new features that will help you streamline your sample management process even further.


Inventory Audit Capabilities (available now)

Audit your entire inventory and filter down by designer, season, collection, or department. Gain insight into scanned pieces that are supposed to be on loan, items that are unexpectedly missing from inventory, and items are currently available. Then export, email or print these reports.

Additional Filter Options for Returns and Send Out Manager (available early May)

We’ve added additional filter and search options on the Returns and Send Outs pages which allow you to further customize your search and layout view.

Return Fields Included in the Results Table (available early May)

The scan comments and return screens have increased flexibility. Now, you can enable images, access and edit the Reference Number, Inbound Ref Date, and Comments. This feature takes into account the “Scan Comments” layout in the “Return Samples Menu”, “Return Page” and “Delivery Manager” pages.

For additional product update details, check out our Support page.

…Stay tuned for updates to our other products in the coming months!


Nicole Alter

A small person with a big appetite, Nicole is a total geek for innovation in the tech and fashion space. Nicole's other interests include social media trends, growth hacking, China, and hip-hop zumba classes.

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