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What We Saw At London Fashion Week

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As London Fashion Week ended this Tuesday, a few things were still left on our minds that had left a major impression. Let's take a look back at fashion week season's rebel child for a moment, shall we...

Don't Wait To Buy

Burberry led the pack with its long awaited "see now, buy now" collection. Burberry had announced a change in its model months before other designers did, but being beaten to the chase by Tommy Hilfiger and Tom Ford at NYFW. The wave also spread amongst other British designers such as Topshop Unique and Oliver Spencer.

As the fashion cycle continues to morph and seasons in fashion become obsolete (partly thanks to social media), brands have found real advantages in selling directly to the customer - and more will surely be joining the flock. So far, the hype around "see now, buy now" has arguably been justified as sales have sparked immediately after Burberry's show on Monday, according to the Business of Fashion.

Burberry also installed a chatbot catering to those requiring extra attention. Consumer demands are requiring blurred lines across touch-points, therefore the digital experience is brought closer to that in-store, and vice versa.

london fashion

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With glitter, bare feet, sequin-clad models (of all genders) and snakes, Ashish brought the word whimsical to another level. The diversity of London Fashion Week was truly represented and showed that when it comes to fashion, London has no rules.

Designer Ashish Gupta ended the show by coming out in a T-shirt with the word "immigrant" plastered across it in bold letters, clearly demonstrating his views on post-Brexit propaganda.

Anti-fur Antics

What would a fashion event be without the presence of anti-fur activists? London, which as described above consists of a politically outspoken crowd, did not hold back on promoting animal rights. Although the British designer Stella McCartney is probably one of the most successful vegan brands in the world, the majority of fashion brands have not followed the example.

With 40 years of punk being celebrated this year, the vegan power activists were clad in plaid and spiked chokers as they optimistically protested outside the BFC Show Space.

Mixed (Reality) Feelings

Martine Jarlgaard debuted at London Fashion Week this season and was by all means determined to make an entrance. Her fashion show guests were met by a near empty room and each had to wear a Hololens headset, which would enhance their fashion show experience.

Instead of passively viewing the collection, guests were able to move around the room and explore the collection from all angles, combining the reality of being at the physical space and the virtual addition of holograms.

Martine Jarlgaard, who is of Scandinavian heritage, is not afraid to reimagine the idea of a fashion show by encouraging curiosity and exploration. We look forward to see how the use of holograms may evolve into other areas of fashion.

Fashion for All

Carnaby Street had a series of events in collaboration with sponsors, therefore literally bringing fashion to the people. Passersby could view runway shows on a large screen and participate in workshops and other activities. Grazia magazine showed non-industry people what goes into making a fashion magazine.

Following London Fashion Week is London Fashion Weekend, where us mortals can participate in festivities such as runway shows, shopping and talks. Fashion is definitely for the people!

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