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Top Luxury Watch Brands Ranking | #DataWatchReport 2019

Rosanna Ryan

The 3rd installment of our 2019 #DataWatchReport is in! In this monthly post, you’ll discover the brands that garnered the most impact during the previous month on online, social media and in print, the voices behind the impact, the top ranking influencers, and the tiers of influencers that brands work with, along with a month-on-month benchmark. After analyzing the data behind luxury watch brands’ media impact these past few months, we’ve noticed a rise in MIV due in part to Baselworld.

All of the stats featured in this report are thanks to our team of Data Scientists who use our proprietary Media Impact Value™ algorithm (MIV™) to measure the success of luxury watch brands’ campaigns.  Before you continue reading, make sure to check out our recent article Decoding Media Impact Value to fully understand which factors are taken into account when calculating the media impact of fashion, luxury and cosmetics brands.

Luxury Watch Brands Media Impact

The Top Performers

For the first part of this analysis, you’ll see the MIV generated by luxury watch brands throughout the month of March 2019. The top three brands that garnered the most MIV across online, social and print were Rolex,  Tag Heuer, and Patek Philippe.  Rolex leads the race once again hitting it’s highest value so far, with €23.3 million in MIV (it previously racked up €20.8 million in January and €18.5 million in February). Tag Heuer and Patek Philippe follow with €6.7M and €6.12M respectively. 

For the full list of top 10 highest ranking watch companies, see our infographic below:

top luxury watch brands


Top Influencer & Celebrity Collaborations

In the month of March, influencer and celebrity collaborations generated the most MIV overall for watch brands. This could be due in part to the fact that Baselworld 2019, one of the largest global watch and jewellery trade shows took place from 21-26 of March. The top influencer, who racked up a staggering €583.5k in MIV for Rolex, was tennis champion, Roger Federer, who in the same month competed in (and won) the Miami Open tournament.

The second highest garnering collaboration was with influencer ‘Pilot Patrick’, who garnered €212K with his content for Breitling. The third most impactful collaboration, was from David Lee, CEO of Hing Wa Lee Jewelers again for Rolex, which contributed to their growth this month.

top influencers luxury watch brands

The tier of influencers that each brand activates continues to vary. Rolex, which consistently ranks 1st in MIV, still relies  on all 4 tiers of influence, and receives an almost equal MIV from each category. Breitling, as mentioned above, relies significantly on Mid-Tier Influencers, and not at all on All-Star Influencers, providing an interesting contrast to this month’s second top player, Tag Heuer.


Another crucial factor to take into account when understanding brands’ strategies and their effectiveness in generating MIV is the Voice split. The ‘Voices’, as we define them, are divided into 5 categories: celebrities, influencers, media (print and online), owned media, and partners (retailers, collaborators, etc.). As we can see in the graph below, on average, the media Voice is the strongest performer for luxury watch brands. Interestingly, in contrast to this, Chanel relies almost exclusively on partners for generating their media impact, and watch brand Jacob & Co. mainly on owned media.

voice split march

Make sure to head back to this post in May for an overview of the top luxury watch brands and their April digital strategies.

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Rosanna RyanContent & Social Media Manager

Rosanna is the author of The Fashion English Bible, an English guide for Spanish-speaking fashion professionals. She studied fashion at SCAD and has worked in the industry in NYC, London and now Madrid. She also currently teaches fashion design students at Center for Fashion Design (Polytechnic University of Madrid).

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