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The 5th installment of our 2019 #DataWatchReport is in! In this monthly post, you'll discover the brands that garnered the most impact during the previous month on online and social media, the Voices behind the impact, the top ranking influencers, and the tiers of influencers that brands work with, along with a month-on-month benchmark. After analyzing the data behind luxury watch brands' media impact this month, we've noticed that the film industry reigned supreme in terms of MIV®, potentially due to Cannes Film Festival or The Met Gala which both took place in May. 

All of the stats featured in this report are thanks to our team of Data Scientists who use our proprietary Media Impact Value™ algorithm (MIV) to measure the success of luxury watch brands' campaigns.  Before you continue reading, make sure to check out our recent article Decoding Media Impact Value to fully understand which factors are taken into account when calculating the media impact of fashion, luxury and cosmetics brands.

Luxury Watch Brands Media Impact

The Top Performers

For the first part of this analysis, you'll see the MIV generated by luxury watch brands throughout the month of May 2019. The top three brands that garnered the most MIV across online, social and print were Rolex, Chanel and Tag Heuer.  While Rolex continues to hold the number one spot, interestingly, Chanel took second place, with an MIV of €8.31M, after not ranking in the top 10 in April. This could be due to the influx of fashion-based events in May, which saw more luxury fashion houses being featured on the pages of influencers and celebrities alike.

For the full list of top 10 highest ranking watch companies, see our infographic below:

Top Influencer & Celebrity Collaborations

With the release of Chanel's new J12 watches taking place in May, their Voice activation for the campaign clearly worked well, as not only did they push themselves up when it came to overall MIV, but also, two of the top celebrity collaborations featured their new product. Claudia Schiffer's post on Instagram racked up the highest MIV this month, with €205.3K. The celebrity also shared coverage of the opening event on both her Instagram feed and stories, which helped build buzz for the brand.

Liu Wen came in second place for the MIV she generated for Chanel, as she too was part of their campaign. Finally, film producer Mohammed Al Turki generated €112.8K in MIV for Piaget from his coverage at Cannes Film Festival 2019.

The tier of influencers that each brand activates varies month on month. A brand that is new on the ranking list, De Grisogono activated mostly All-Star Influencers, as they dressed a bevy of celebrities at Cannes, helping land them a top spot. The much talked about shift of brands towards working with Micro Influencers, is starting to be seen in the luxury watch industry as brands like Jaeger Le Coultre are predominantly activating influencer Voices with a following of 20k-100k.

Another crucial factor to take into account when understanding brands' strategies and their effectiveness in generating MIV is the Voice split. The 'Voices', as we define them, are divided into 5 categories: celebrities, influencers, media (print and online), owned media, and partners (retailers, collaborators, etc.). Once again, most brands are predominantly activating the 'Media' Voice, but we can see overall increases over time in the value of Owned Media. Chanel specifically, has one of the biggest splits when it comes to the Voices they are activating, as they also received coverage from the 'Partner' Voice - this combination is perhaps why they ranked so highly this month.

Make sure to head back to this post in June for an overview of the top luxury watch brands and their June digital strategies.

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