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Top Luxury Watch Brands Ranking | #DataWatchReport 2019

Rosanna Ryan

We’re kicking off the year with a fresh start to our Data Watch Report series, and this time bigger and better than ever! In this post we’re bringing you all the stats on the media impact of luxury watch brands and their digital strategies (starting with a recap of December 2018). By accessing this link on a monthly basis, you’ll see an update of the top performing luxury watch brands across online, social media and now print as well! Our team of Data Scientists have been putting our proprietary Media Impact Value™ algorithm (MIV™) to use once again, to measure the success of these brands’ campaigns.  Before you continue reading, make sure to check out our recent article Decoding Media Impact Value to fully understand which factors are taken into account when calculating the media impact of fashion, luxury and cosmetics brands.

Luxury Watch Brands Ranking

For the first part of this analysis, you’ll see the MIV generated behind luxury watch brands throughout the month of December 2018. The top three brands that generated the most MIV across  online, social and print were Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Tag Heuer.  Rolex leads far ahead of its competitors with a total MIV of €27.6 million in December. Patek Philippe and Tag Heuer follow with €5.85M and €5.61M respectively. For the full list of top 10 highest ranking watch companies, see our infographic below:

luxury watches ranking

Thanks to this analysis we’re also able to see the top ranking influencers and the MIV their generating for the luxury watch brands they collaborate with. Italian rapper and husband of All-Star Influencer Chiara Ferragni, Fedez, ranks highest for mentioning Rolex, generating a total €438K in MIV for the brand. Certina’s collaboration with Fattah Amin proved effective in December; the Malaysian actor reached second in the top influencer ranking, generating €331K in MIV.  Tudor is certainly reaping the benefits in media impact through their partnership with celebrity David Beckham (who also ranked 3rd in October as top influencer for the brand).

top influencers watches

It’s also interesting to see the tier of influencers each brand activates in order to generate digital buzz. For example, Tag Heuer relied mostly on All-Star Influencers (opinion leaders with more than 2 million followers), which was likely a costly approach as this tier of influencers normally have a higher price tag. Yet, Rolex which ranked 1st in MIV relied on all 4 tiers of influence, receiving somewhat equal impact from all types except for Mega Influencers, who generated the least buzz for the brand.

luxury watches


Make sure to head back to this post in February for an overview of the top luxury watch brands and their January digital strategies. We’ll be adding more stats such as the voices behind each brands’ impact!

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Rosanna RyanContent & Social Media Manager

Rosanna is the author of The Fashion English Bible, an English guide for Spanish-speaking fashion professionals. She studied fashion at SCAD and has worked in the industry in NYC, London and now Madrid. She also currently teaches fashion design students at Center for Fashion Design (Polytechnic University of Madrid).

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