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Top Luxury Watch Brands Ranking | #DataWatchReport

Rosanna Ryan

As promised, we’ve updated this Data Watch Report post to bring you all the stats on the digital impact throughout October 2018 (plus we’ve kept September’s data and listed the benchmark at the bottom). In this new series, which we launched last month, you’ll have access to a monthly update of the top performing luxury watch brands across online and social media. Our team of Data Scientists have been putting our proprietary Media Impact Value™ algorithm (MIV™) to use once again, to measure the success of these brands’ digital campaigns.  Before you continue reading, make sure to check out our recent article Decoding Media Impact Value to fully understand which factors are taken into account when calculating the digital impact of fashion, luxury and cosmetics brands.

Luxury Watch Brands Ranking

For the first part of this analysis, you’ll see the digital buzz behind luxury watch brands throughout the month of October 2018. The top three brands that generated the most MIV across both online and social were Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet.  With a total MIV of €50.8 million in October,  Rolex is far ahead of its competitors once again (and grew its MIV by 90% from September to October). Patek Philippe appears in the top 3 ranking once again, more than doubling its MIV (from €5.45M in September to €11.4M in October). Then we have a new Audemars Piguet who climbed from 5th to 3rd in the ranking, also doubling its MIV from €4.5M to €9.3M.  For the full top 10 list of highest ranking watch companies, see our infographic below:

watch ranking

Thanks to this analysis we’re also able to see the top ranking influencers and the MIV their generating for the luxury watch brands they collaborate with. Australian actor, singer and producer, Hugh Jackman, was Montblanc‘s number one embassador in October and the top ranking influencer overall, according to MIV. Paulina Vega Dieppa for Tag Heuer, and David Beckham for Tudor, are the 2nd and 3rd best ranking spokespersons respectively, for luxury watch brands in October.

top influencers watches

It’s also interesting to see the tier of influencers each brand activates in order to generate digital buzz. For example, Graham relied mostly on All-Star Influencers (opinion leaders with more than 2 million followers), which was likely a costly approach as this tier of influencers normally have a higher price tag. Yet, Rolex which ranked 1st in MIV relied on all 4 tiers of influence, nearly equally, with Mid-Tier Influencers (100k-500k) taking the biggest chunk. 


influencer tiers

Below you’ll also see breakdown of the channel split, in which we can observe which watch brands relied more on their social media savvy, or online media throughout the month of October. It’s interesting to note that social media seems to dominate the strategies of the top 3 luxury watch brands (Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet). channel split


And finally, here’s a comparison of the data we extracted for luxury watch brands’ September digital strategies vs. how they performed in October.

luxury watch brands

Make sure to head back to this post in December for an overview of the top luxury watch brands and their November digital strategies. Want to learn more about how data can give you insights into your PR and communications strategies? Ask for a demo via this link.


Rosanna RyanContent & Social Media Specialist

Rosanna is the author of The Fashion English Bible, an English guide for Spanish-speaking fashion professionals. She studied fashion at SCAD and has worked in the industry in NYC, London and now Madrid. She also currently teaches fashion design students at Center for Fashion Design (Polytechnic University of Madrid).

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