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Media Mentions: Your Ultimate Guide to Tracking Coverage

Natalia Cornejo

Every PR professional dreams of achieving countless media mentions, but once that dream comes true, it can feel like a bit of a nightmare having to track them all! These mentions not only gauge the success of PR and marketing teams but are also essential for driving brand visibility, positioning the brand across markets, analyzing the effectiveness of influencer or celebrity endorsements, and ultimately standing out from the crowd.

But, in a world where consumer touchpoints are more numerous than ever, manually tracking these media mentions has become an overwhelming task. On Instagram alone, there are nearly 2 billion monthly active users and in the digital newspapers and magazines market, the number of users is expected to reach 1.6 billion by 2029. The sheer volume of content produced behind these numbers is immense. Now, can you imagine trying to track all this content manually? How can PR professionals efficiently monitor their media mentions in such a vast landscape? What tools and strategies can help ensure no media mention goes unnoticed? 

This blog will solve all your doubts about media mentions, the importance of tracking your PR efforts, and provide you with the best solution for your brand.

What Do We Mean by Media Mentions and Why Is Media Monitoring Essential?

In a nutshell, media mentions are any online, print, or social media placement where your brand is referenced by media outlets, influencers, or celebrities across the globe. These mentions can cover a variety of topics, such as new collaborations, product launches, industry events like the MET Gala or Fashion Shows and any news related to your brand. Media mentions are significant because they reflect your marketing efforts, brand activations and public sentiment towards your brand.

The rapidly increasing complexity of PR, driven by the proliferation of channels and global reach, makes manual tracking of every placement feel impossible. Now more than ever, having an advanced tool for media monitoring is no longer a nice-to-have, it has become a must-have for brands.

Media monitoring is essential to track and assess the impact of your brand and its reputation. It is imperative to closely monitor the most impactful placements and feedback about your brand—both positive and negative—to immediately adjust your strategy and take decisive action.

Over time, media monitoring helps you build a clearer picture of your target audience, their interests and their engagement with your brand. It also measures the efficiency of your brand activations and identifies where to focus more efforts, such as the media outlets that are boosting your performance or the influencers who are driving the success of your latest campaign. 

Yet, assessing the value and ROI of your PR and marketing efforts requires more than just identifying placements; your team must be able to quantify the impact of each mention with a standardized measurement system and a clear set of KPIs.

What Metrics and KPIs Matter for Your Business?

As previously mentioned, monitoring and keeping track of what is being said is only the first part of ensuring a winning PR strategy. Measuring and understanding what is bringing the most value to your brand hinges on metrics and KPIs.

With several options available, you might be wondering which metric is the most effective for quantifying media mentions and measuring your brand’s impact. Let’s review the possibilities:

  • Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE): A traditional print metric that calculates editorial placement value based on advertising rates multiplied by page coverage. It is suitable for print but lacks accuracy on digital platforms due to non-standardized rates and oversight of quality factors.
  • Earned Media Value (EMV): It is used for online and social media ROI assessment, EMV lacks standardization and often includes variable factors like media rates. Similar to AVE, it overlooks quality elements, hindering a holistic understanding of impact.
  • Media Impact Value (MIV®): It is an EU-registered algorithm by Launchmetrics, tailored for Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty (FLB) brands. MIV combines AI Machine Learning to blend quantitative and qualitative attributes across print, online and social media, offering competitive accuracy. MIV allows brands to have a standardized metric across all channels, enabling accurate impact comparisons.

MIV is the most suitable metric for comprehensive and accurate media monitoring, as it assigns a monetary value to every mention of your brand in a consistent and unified manner.


While MIV offers a thorough understanding of impact across channels and regions, other KPIs shouldn’t be ignored when tracking your brand’s performance, such as: 

  • The total number of placements
  • Potential reach: this is calculated based on the circulation number for print publications, total unique monthly visitors for online media and the number of followers for social media
  • Engagement rate: This KPI applies only to social media but it is still important to consider
  • Occupation page: This is only applicable for print publications, where it is qualitatively measured whether your brand is mentioned on the cover, in the title or within an article 
  • Evolution of MIV: Track the growth of MIV through year-over-year analyses, complemented by monthly and quarterly comparisons, to understand its progression over time.

It may seem like a daunting task to compile all of these KPIs and keep track of performance. However, Launchmetrics Discover encompasses all of the metrics and KPIs, from MIV to engagement rate, that are a must-have for every business within the fashion, lifestyle and beauty industries. Leveraging these key metrics in one place will provide your brand with the competitive edge to measure media mentions across your brand and craft a winning PR strategy.

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How to Never Miss a Media Mention

The importance of accurate media monitoring cannot be underestimated. PR teams often struggle with lack of visibility, tracking editorial and influencer coverage, and monitoring media, online platforms and social media for brand, competitor and industry mentions. Launchmetrics Discover addresses these challenges by providing comprehensive and real-time media monitoring. This advanced tool ensures you never miss a media mention, allowing you to effectively manage your brand’s reputation, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Launchmetrics is the first AI-powered performance cloud designed for the fashion, lifestyle and beauty industries. With a growing team of data and AI experts, we are achieving unprecedented levels of innovation and precision. Each year, we monitor over 700K Voices and track 50M global mentions across print, online, and social media. Our capabilities go beyond simple word tracking; our AI image-matching technology is 15% more accurate than Google's Vision API. This advanced AI algorithm cuts through the noise, providing unparalleled visibility into your brand’s impact. With Launchmetrics, you gain actionable insights to drive strategic decisions and enhance your brand’s presence in a competitive market.

Discover is the most accurate PR monitoring application available. It provides cross-channel coverage for every print, online and social media placement globally. We monitor popular networks like TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (IGTV), and key Chinese platforms such as Douyin, Weibo, WeChat, RED and BiliBili. Our media monitoring extends to the Voices behind these placements, tracking every media, influencer and celebrity endorsement.

Newsletters to Keep Track of Coverage

Even though we handle extensive media coverage, you won’t be overwhelmed by the vast amounts of data. Your team can easily set up the option to receive a daily or weekly newsletter that highlights the most important mentions. You can customize this to include all your brand mentions or specific ones related to a product, collaboration, event, etc. You can also filter by channel, Voice, or region, and sort articles by reach, engagement, publication date, or MIV. These newsletters empower your team by compiling the latest placements on your brand, ensuring you never miss a media mention again.

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How Brands Are Leveraging Media Monitoring With Discover

Prior to Launchmetrics, tracking coverage holistically across print and online media as well as across markets had been challenging for Fusalp. With Discover, the PR manager is able to track coverage daily across channels and regions. Having the ability to monitor both global and local magazines is crucial to Fusalp as a brand with a global luxury outlook but also strongly rooted in sports and the local community. 

The brand’s Head of PR and Social Media, Justine Provent, uses Discover data and reporting to send weekly internal newsletters to e-commerce and marketing teams. Monthly data reports help Justine to keep track of the teams’ objectives, assess performance and share success with leadership.

Why Choose Launchmetrics Discover Over Other Solutions?

As highlighted throughout this article, Discover is the most comprehensive media monitoring solution, offering everything from global coverage to the most refined KPIs and metrics. To sum it up, let’s explore the key benefits that make Discover the best choice for your PR team. With Discover, you can:

  • Easily define media coverage: Filter out irrelevant Voices to focus on what matters most.
  • Comprehensive social media monitoring: Track coverage across TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (IGTV), Douyin, Weibo, WeChat, RED and BiliBili.
  • Analyze initiative impact: Link content and publications to relevant events, campaigns, or products for better analysis.
  • Identify top channels and advocates: Understand which channels, regions and ambassadors contribute most effectively and uncover your best advocates.
  • Compare cross-channel results: Use Media Impact Value to evaluate your performance across different channels.
  • Showcase your success: Create bespoke newsletters and beautiful coverage books to highlight your achievements.
  • Periodic performance analysis: Seamlessly export and edit PowerPoint reports to review your performance regularly.

We are not the only ones who believe Discover is the best media monitoring solution on the market—our 1.7K loyal customers, including Stella McCartney, agree.

“Launchmetrics is a no-brainer for us and it has become very valuable in our day-to-day work. It is hard to think about how we would function without it. All of their products are so ingrained into what we do and it's just part of our workflow.” says Max Orloff, Senior Communication Manager at Stella McCartney.

To learn more about media monitoring with Launchmetrics Discover, request a demo and chat with one of our expert consultants. Don't hesitate to reach out!

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