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Meet the Makers | Megan Ward, HR Generalist

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Launchmetrics Content Team

Tell us a little bit about where you come from…

I’m from Long Island, NY. I was born and raised in Commack (most famous for also being the hometown of Rosie O’Donnell). I moved to Los Angeles for college and ended up staying for 12 years. I eventually moved back to New York City in 2010, and I’ve been here ever since.

What was your first interaction with Launchmetrics?

I used Launchmetrics as a client [PR agency] when I first moved back to New York. I remember during past seasons, I snuck into every fashion show I attended. You could just mention someone else’s name and get right in. The first season we produced shows for NYFW, we were required to use Launchmetrics as part of their partnership with IMG. Once I saw how the Events platform worked, I was amazed at how much easier our job would be – and relieved I wouldn’t have to chase after the crashers!

How did you get into HR?

It really fell into my lap. When I started, I was Eddie (President of Launchmetrics)’s assistant and the Office Manager. I guess you could say I became the “go-to” person for administrative functions. At that time, there wasn’t a focused HR component to the company. As we started growing and things started shifting, we realized the need for processes to be put in place. As Joan Holloway from Mad Men would say, “I’m in charge of thinking of things before people know they need them”… it was a natural fit.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

I like the personal relationships I have with our employees. Because I’m not really part of anyone’s “team”, people can talk to me as both a friend and a co-worker. It’s in my nature to want to help people. If someone is struggling or frustrated with something, I want to be able to help them through it, if possible. I ‘m happy to be that mediator to help our employees feel more comfortable.

What project do you feel has really made an impact at Launchmetrics?

Organizing all the events that we have. From holiday parties to happy hours, I really enjoy planning them and seeing the company come together. It’s nice to be able to leave work at the office and just hang out with one another…we have a fun team…a really fun team!

What makes you excited?

Finding our next great employee. While I don’t handle the entire hiring process on my own, I am the first person candidates have contact with. It’s great to bring someone on who really clicks with the team and adds to our already eclectic environment.

Anything coming up that you’re particularly excited about?

I’m excited to see the global growth of our team in 2016!

First thing you read in the morning?

My email… unfortunately.

What’s your favorite app or website? I am a gif-aholic…ask anyone I work with.

What was your funniest interview?

My own interview! I met with three very different people from the company during my interview. The first was super serious, and the next one was super casual. Finally, the CEO came in and we had a great conversation, and I was basically offered the job on the spot. It was much less formal than I thought it would be, but in a good way.

What’s the "ah-ha moment" with a candidate that makes you bring them in?

Usually, it’s during my initial phone screen. If I speak to someone that I would want to talk to again (and on a daily basis), I’ll most likely bring them in. I can usually tell within the first few minutes of the call.

What's your best fashion week story?

A few years ago, I was standing behind a PR team while they were handling check-ins for one of the shows. I noticed a celebrity waiting in line. When she got up to the desk, it went a little something like this:

PR Girl (without looking up): “Name?”
Celeb: Says first name.
PR Girl (still not looking up): “Last name?”
Celeb: Says last name.
PR Girl: Looks up wide-eyed and has celeb personally walked into the show.

That was definitely a memorable one.

Is there anything you want to share that most people don’t know about you?

I am probably the biggest Beverly Hills 90210 fan you’ll ever meet. I can recite almost every episode verbatim. And I’m referring to the OG 90210 with Brandon and Brenda…not the remake.

Any advice for people looking to do what you do?

To work in HR, you have to want to work with people, have patience and to be understanding. You have to accept and embrace that everyone doesn’t think the same way. Everyone’s feelings and opinions must be taken into consideration while still enforcing policies and rules.

LA vs. NY?

New York, no doubt — I missed the change of seasons…and my family.

DOUGH or Baked by Melissa?

Insomnia Cookies.

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