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Fashion Week with Xenia Adonts | #KnowYourMIV

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We've previously discussed the power of Mega Influencers during fashion week, and how these opinion leaders (whose following ranges from 500,000 to 2 million users) hold a special talent for garnering incredible media impact. To further delve into this topic, we've decided to track the data behind German Mega Influencer, Xenia Adonts, throughout fashion month to see just how much buzz she's able to generate for brands. The data collected is through the use of our proprietary Media Impact Value™ algorithm (MIV®) and spans the dates of fashion month, and includes her own posts as well as mentions across online and social media. To learn more about MIV and how it's calculated, read our article available via this link.

Top New York Fashion Week Posts by MIV®

Xenia had a stellar start to fashion month, ending her New York trip on a high note after garnering a total MIV of $666K from the 7th to the 13th of February 2019! And these were the top 3 posts by Xenia that contributed to her incredible #NYFW impact during the FW19 season.

1. The Sies Marjan Suit

The Sies Marjan multicolored metallic effect suit with Balenciaga sneakers was Xenia's post popular (and impactful) outfit at New York Fashion Week. Up until the last day of NYFW, Xenia sparked 46,360 likes and 823 comments, and this engagement coupled with other factors ultimately resulted in the post with the highest MIV.

MIV: $81,623 

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Finally wearing something that reflects my personality (literally)

A post shared by XENIA ADONTS (@xeniaadonts) on

2. The Golden Accessory

What better fashion accessory than... a Golden Retriever? This dog lover post around a New York Fashion Week dinner is Xenia's second most impactful post according to MIV. These two shots featuring brands Area, Fendi and 24 Sèvres received 35,389 likes and 386 comments.

MIV: $64,593 


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Every good dinner involves at least one 🐶

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3. The Streets of NY

Street style pics continue to triumph across social, and for Xenia, this was the winner. Her third highest MIV generator was a shot of her crossing the streets of New York during fashion week, wearing (and tagging) Fendi, Acne Studios, Ambush and Hellessy. This Insta post garnered 27,798 likes and 250 comments.

MIV: $52,947


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Streets of NY

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Top Milan Fashion Week Posts by MIV®

After a quick pitstop in London for the Luisa Viaroma dinner at Annabel's, Xenia went straight to Milan where she posted a total of 15 Instagram feed posts. Her consistent posting throughout the Italian fashion week, plus the content Xenia created in New York, and all of the mentions around her streetstyle across online media outlets has brought her total MIV up to $3,077,197 (resulting media impact from the 7th to the 25th of February from online and social media).

The following are the top three posts during the dates that span Milan Fashion Week (February 19th to February 25th).

1. The Headband

There's certainly a headband trend that seems to be going around this fashion month season, which we also saw in this post here. Among all of Xenia's Milan Fashion Week photos, this shot of her in a baby blue headband is the winner garnering more than $75K and 42.7K engagements.

MIV: $75,422


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Details 🦉

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2. Streetstyling for Mango

The 2nd most impactful post for Xenia at Milan Fashion Week was that of her strutting in the streets in a Mango blazer and cropped denim trousers. The total MIV for this Insta pic was nearly $59K and sparked over 31K engagements.

MIV: $58,931


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She’s here for business 🦉 @mango #Mango anzeige

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3. Attending Tod's

Xenia's third highest MIV generating post at Milan Fashion Week featured her striking a post for streetstyle photographers outside of the Tod's show. This stylish post racked up over $54K in MIV and 27.7K interactions. 

MIV: $53,737


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@tods this morning 💫

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Top Paris Fashion Week Posts by MIV®

Paris Fashion Week numbers are in for Xenia and she's blown her SS19 MIV out of the water! Her posts around the different fashion shows for FW19, displaying her stylish streetstyle, have boosted her overall Media Impact Value to $4,166,080! Below are the top three highest MIV generating posts:

1. The Indecisive Outfit

Xenia's asymmetrical, ideal-for-indecisive-days outfit was the winner at Paris Fashion Week, racking up over 34K engagements and $63K in MIV. The unique look certainly captured her audience's attention from the many pictures she uploaded during the last week of fashion month.

MIV: $63,941


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The perfect outfit for indecisive minds

A post shared by XENIA ADONTS (@xeniaadonts) on

2. Rush Hour

The second and third top Insta pics featured Valentino pieces, although the photos themselves were not official #ads. This first with the stand out Valentino belt managed to accumulate over 31K engagements and sparked over $60K in MIV.

MIV: $60,433


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Rush hour

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3. Twirling in Valentino

The final post to spotlight from Xenia's stunning fashion month content is this video of her twirling in a pleated black Valentino dress. Over 31,340 engagements were garnered, leading to a total MIV of $60K.

MIV: $60,075


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My most fav look ever 🥺 @maisonvalentino

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We hope you've enjoyed learning about Xenia's media impact throughout fashion month in this #KnowYourMIV series. If you missed out on the post where we covered the top 5 mega influencers from the SS19 fashion month (including Xenia), be sure to check it out here.

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