Who Dominated The Met Gala 2019: By the Data

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The Met Gala is arguably one of the most talked about events of the year. Not only because it marks the opening of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute’s annual fashion exhibit, but also because the themed event means it’s an excuse for celebrities (and now influencers) alike to really push the boat when it comes to their fashion choices. This year’s theme was “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” inspired by Susan Sontag’s essay “Notes on Camp,” which defines the term in over 50 different ways - explaining the total range of looks when it came to the fashion choices we saw at the Met Gala 2019.  

Once again, we have tracked the media impact generated across online and social media during the event and three days after, to uncover which celebrities and brands won the Met Gala 2019, all according to our propriety data algorithm, Media Impact Value™ (MIV®).

So, Who Generated the Most Buzz at the Met Gala?

The Top Celebrities 

Lady Gaga (one of the four Met Gala hosts) topped the list of the most talked about celebrities by a landslide, with a total MIV of $62.9M. The singer-turned-actress wore 4 outfits by Brandon Maxwell in a total of 15 minutes, through a dramatized entrance that probably accounted for a significant amount of the buzz she generated online. Gaga was followed by co-host Harry Styles in Gucci ($36.8M MIV), Kim Kardashian in Thierry Mugler ($33.6M MIV), Katy Perry in Moschino ($33.1M MIV) and Serena Williams (also a host of this year’s Met Gala) in Versace ($23.4M MIV).

The Top Brands

Versace was the number one most talked about brand at this year’s Met Gala, with the fashion house dressing a total of 8 celebrities for the event - amongst them were Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Lupita Nyongo and Jennifer Lopez. The brand also shared ‘how it’s made’ style videos on their social channels which chronicled the processes behind the construction of each dress worn at the event, drumming up even more social buzz.

Versace was followed by Gucci who made waves dressing Jared Leto, as he carried a replica of his own head on the carpet,  inspired by the brand's AW18 collection. Zac Posen also featured in the top ten with $12.8M; he created a unique 3D printed dress, worn by Jourdan Dunn on the carpet.

The Top Posts 

The Met Gala overall generated a total MIV of $612.8M, but which posts performed the best? Securing the number one spot for the top post from The Met Gala is Kylie Jenner, who generated a total MIV of $2.2M from the post below alone.


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if looks could kill baby

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The post racked up an impressive 9.2m likes, and 58.1k comments - and these high engagement levels are translated in the results. In fact, Kylie also holds the 4th and 5th spots in the top 5 posts from the Met Gala (both on Instagram), further proving that she is a social force to be reckoned with.

Interestingly, Kim Kardashian featured in the other two top 5 posts. Holding second place is Vogue's video showing Kim getting ready for the Gala which received over 18.8m views on YouTube, and third was Kim's post on her personal Instagram which showed her full look.

Voice Share 

‘Media’ (both traditional and social) represented the highest Voice share for the Met Gala 2019 by a landslide, as it accounted for $373.2M of the total MIV generated (coverage from social media channels specifically represented a staggering 81.21% of this).

Instagram alone was responsible for 55.26% ($338.6M) of the total MIV, proving that it is an essential platform for brands and influencers when it comes to event coverage. This isn’t surprising as every top performing brand and celebrity at the Met Gala primarily posted on the platform before, during and after the event.

Online coverage also ranked highly, contributing to $115.1M in MIV, as our homepages were shrouded with Met Gala articles from “best and worst outfits” to “what does camp mean?”. With articles and posts still being published 9 days after the event, these numbers are likely to climb even further.

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MIV®: This mark is registered in the European Union.

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