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How Nike Drove $8.95M in MIV® from the 'You Can't Stop Us' Campaign

Launchmetrics Content Team

By now, you've probably watched the third film of the "You Can't Stop Us" campaign by the athletic giant, Nike. With over 58M views since its debut on July 30th, the short film is perfectly edited to showcase the common thread shared by 53 athletes of various sports and diverse backgrounds. The campaign and film message of inclusivity and perseverance shone through and garnered worldwide attention during a time where sports had been suspended due to the pandemic and the global protests fighting social injustice and systemic racism. To understand the value behind the phrase "You Can't Stop Us," we decided to run a data analysis of Nike from July 30th to August 30th to see how much value the phrase created for the brand.

A total of $8.95M in MIV® was generated by just 1,067 placements

Diving into Nike's data analysis, the phrase "You Can't Stop Us" earned an average of nearly $8.4K in MIV® per placement across both online and social. Totaling an incredible $8.95M in MIV® by merely 1,067 placements, the data demonstrates the number of quality placements Nike received for this purposeful campaign. Some noteworthy placements included Highsnobiety's Instagram which drove $26K in MIV®, as well as, GQ Australia's Facebook Post, which earned $25K in MIV®.

The top social placement, by Cristiano Ronaldo, earned $1.4M in MIV® 

As one of the elite athletes featured within the film, Cristiano Ronaldo's post generated $1.4M in MIV®, making his Instagram post the top social placement and earning him the title of top celebrity for this campaign. The Nike data analysis showcases the power behind celebrity influencers once again and how incredibly valuable they can be for brands to amplify their messaging.

The top online placement, by ELLE US, earned $38.2K in MIV® 

ELLE US's interview with the professional tennis player, Naomi Osaka, earned $38.2K in MIV®. Another elite athlete featured in the film, the interview discusses Naomi Osaka's new project with Nike and Laureus Sport for Good. The project aims to add more diversity to the court and encourage young girls to participate in sports, aligning perfectly well with the overall messaging of inclusivity from the "You Can't Stop Us" campaign.

The top Media outlet, USA Today, earned $69.8K in MIV®

With $69.8K in MIV® earned, USA Today was the top Media outlet. The Media outlet posted 3 placements that mentioned Nike in total during this period. One key placement was USWNT soccer star Megan Rapinoe narrates Nike ad that explores issues of race, gender, equality.

With 4,000 clips of footage researched and reviewed, Nike and their agency Wieden+Kennedy, accomplished a feat in editing and impressed the world with a truly inspiring and emotional campaign during challenging times. As we look at the data analysis for Nike during this period, what is evident is that the phrase “You Can’t Stop Ushas generated an incredible amount of value for the brand and it would be no surprise that the phrase "You Can't Stop Us" will leave a memorable impact and trigger an emotional connection with audiences worldwide that is very much similar to Nike’s slogan, Just Do It.

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