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#KnowYourMIV: Stay Home With Pretty Little Thing

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Welcome to #KnowYourMIV, our monthly series where we track the MIV® behind a specific influencer campaign. This month, we wanted to do something different, in hand with the launch of our most recent report: The State of Influencer Marketing 2020. Whilst creating the eBook, we noticed the plethora of brands and influencers creating a different style of content in order to bring value and entertainment to their followers' feeds during Covid-19. One of the brands that have been pioneering this, is Pretty Little Thing, who launched the campaign 'StayHomeWithPLT' on their Instagram, featuring different influencers each week, and how they are coping from home. The series incorporates outfits by the brand as the influencer shares what they have been up to during quarantine in the form of tutorials, cookbooks, chats, and baking lessons.

This month, we tracked the MIV® generated by the #StayHomeWithPLT hashtag, in order to see the top influencers, keywords, and Voices between 15/03/2020-01/05/2020. To gauge the impact that this action generated for the brand, we used Media Impact Value™ (MIV®),  our proprietary data algorithm, Read how it works in this article.

#KnowYourMIV: Stay Home With Pretty Little Thing

The total MIV® generated by the #StayHomeWithPLT campaign was $4.7M, across 214 total placements. The top-performing Voice was unsurprising - Owned Media accounted for $3.3M of the total Media Impact Value™ - because all of the campaign content was posted on PLT's Instagram. As the influencers directed their audience towards Pretty Little Thing's feed, the brand was able to accumulate value on their own channels, making it more likely for audiences to stay on their feed and consume more content. Whilst the Influencer Voice was worth $1.3M in MIV®, the power of the influencers that partnered with the brand is what drove value in order to make the campaign so successful. First, we look at the top-performing posts by MIV®.

The Top Performing #StayHomeWithPLT Content  

The Giveaways

The top post overall by MIV® was this carousel, announcing the winner of one of the many giveaways the brand is hosting on their page. They offered their followers the chance to win a £100 voucher by commenting 'PLT' in the comments to win, which is also a great way to drum up engagement on their page, as they received 24.4k comments overall, more than double the number of comments their posts receive on average. Giveaways accounted for the top three posts in the hashtag, as they use clever CTAs which drive followers towards the comment section and increase engagement, therefore increasing in part the value of the posts.

Total MIV®: $311,152

Living Room Looks

The second type of content that performed the best for Pretty Little Thing during their ongoing campaign was simple outfit posts featuring influencer brand ambassadors. This particular shot of Kattya Heredia was reposted from her personal page on to PLT's Instagram account, doubling down on the potential MIV® to be earned. Out of the brand's top ten posts, most were featuring Pretty Little Thing's ambassadors.

Total MIV®: $130,822

The Virtual Awards Show

The other content feature that performed particularly well for the mass market fashion brand, was the coverage of their PrettyLittleThing Awards. An event that would have traditionally taken place on location was brought to viewers' screens on Instagram Live. This carousel post announced just some of the nominees in order to build anticipation before the live event. Making use of Instagram Live is something we have seen grow in popularity as a response to Covid-19, as it takes the place of traditional events. Content like this creates value for followers because it allows brands and influencers to share unedited content in real-time, giving audiences the chance to interact, ask questions, and more.

Total MIV®: $73,097

The Top Performing #StayHomeWithPLT Influencers  

As highlighted before, whilst Owned Media represented the top Voice for the brand, most of the content that Pretty Little Thing shared on their own channels in relation to the #StayHomeWithPLT campaign, was repurposed from influencers. Influencers are notably key for mass-market e-commerce fashion brands and driving sales via social media marketing, as most brands in this space employ a heavily influencer-focused marketing strategy. Below are the top-performing influencers who posted using #StayHomeWithPLT, by MIV®:

pretty little thing ambassador ranking

Tia Lineker was the top-performing influencer who used the hashtag #StayHomeWithPLT. The London-based creator shared a lookbook on her IGTV, which received over 61k views, earning the brand the highest MIV® so far. Reîna (lareinasworld) was the second-top performing influencer overall but had the highest-earning influencer post ($104K MIV®) which was a simple shot showing her outfit in quarantine, gaining 54k likes and over 600 comments. The value of creators is essential for Pretty Little Thing's marketing strategy, and so partnering with the right influencers is key for a successful marketing campaign that generates sales. Even if a brand uses multiple influencers in their campaigns, the pairings have to make sense, and this is something PLT pulls off very well.

We hope you enjoyed this installment of #KnowYourMIV and gained some more insight into how campaigns around Covid can still generate value for brands. If you would like to learn more about the current state of influencer marketing, as well as key stats and data points, download our recent report, here.

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