Pride Collections: How MAC Cosmetics, Coach, Ralph Lauren and UGG connected with their consumers

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Every year Pride Month is celebrated across the globe during June, with communities, organizations, and brands celebrating and empowering the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as acknowledging their struggles. In 2021, fashion and beauty brands not only highlighted their support through corporate communications promoting pride, tolerance, and acceptance for all but also developed exclusive and inclusive capsule collections for the occasion.

Brands understand now more than ever that their objective is all about connecting with their consumer and supporting common values, rather than just marketing opportunities. Many in the fashion and beauty sectors are endeavouring to show support for all of their consumers and get behind important social issues which promote inclusivity and diversity.

In this article, we’re spotlighting the Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) generated by four international brands through their Social Media posts showcasing their Pride-themed collections for 2021.

Coach: The Pride Collection

Luxury brand Coach launched its Pride 2021 collection and activated their 'Pride Is Where You Find It' campaign to promote not only exclusive products but also a range of content such as interviews with Bob the Drag Queen, Miles Heizer, Jack Mizrahi, Stasha Sanchez, and Rina Sawayama on 'the importance of developing community wherever you are'.

As a result, Coach leveraged its Owned Media to celebrate Pride Month and published a total of 39 placements between May and June on Instagram which generated $898K in MIV®. Additionally, Coach's 2021 Pride Collection top post shown below amassed $41K in Media Impact Value™ in May.

MAC Cosmetics: Pride and Joy

MAC Cosmetics celebrated Pride Month with the launch of their Pride and Joy Liquidlast Liner Vault collection, including 11 shades of waterproof eyeliners inspired by the colors of the LGBTQIA+ flags. Senior Vice President and Global Creative Director Drew Elliott, who at our recent Beauty Content Killers event spoke about inclusivity and diversity, explained MAC's pride campaign in a press release: “when we approached Pride this year, we wanted to create a product that celebrates the artistic and creative contribution of the community, leads with inclusivity and also gives back.” 

In addition to creating this exclusive capsule collection, MAC Cosmetics is donating 100% of the collection's proceeds to the Hetrick-Martin Institute to further aid “at-risk LGBTQIA+ youth, focusing on BIPOC transgender youth'.

Across 39 posts on Instagram between the end May and June, those placements by MAC Cosmetics generated an impressive total Media Impact Value™ of $2.9M. The beauty brand's top post shown below amassed a total of $89K in MIV®.

Ralph Lauren: The Pride Collection

Fashion brand Ralph Lauren released its 2021 Pride capsule collection, sporting a range of unisex polo shirts and accessories including caps and water bottles featuring a rainbow version of the iconic brand's logo. The brand donated a percentage on each pride collection purchase to the Stonewall Community Foundation 'for the benefit of an international network of LGBTQIA+ associations'.

Ralph Lauren published a total of 15 placements on Instagram in June generating $872K in MIV®. Their top post promoting the capsule collection below amassed a total of $67K in Media Impact Value™.


Fashion brand UGG launched its 2021 Pride capsule collection featuring singer Lil Nas X and actress Hari Ness to celebrate Pride Month. A range of limited products including hoodies, t-shirts, socks, and skirts were developed for the occasion, as well as fluffy rainbow-hued slippers.

To show support for the LGBTQIA+ community, up to a maximum of USD $125,000, UGG is donating USD $25 for every pair of Disco Stripe’s purchased on their website to GLAAD – a US-based organization nonprofit accelerating acceptance and advancing equality.

The brand published a total of 17 placements on Instagram between May and June generating $190K in MIV®. UGG's top post below amassed a total of $24K in Media Impact Value™.

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