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Why Public Relations Should Be a Central Component of the Marketing Mix

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Nicole Alter


Marketing and Public Relations were once considered two distinct fields. The goal of marketing is to promote products or services and Public Relations is about brand promotion and image. Marketing and Public Relations departments have worked separately for a long time with many brands banning Public Relations from the Marketing Mix. But can we continue with this kind of organization? We asked Michael Jais, CEO Launchmetrics, the same question:

Consumption behaviors evolve and become more inspirational

Consumer’s buying decisions are no longer guided by products themselves but by the values conveyed by companies that sell these products. A striking example of these new trends is the increasing decline of ROI from advertising, whether it is on or offline.

Michael said that “Buying behaviors are related to the affinities we have with companies that sell their products. It has become “Affinity Marketing.” Beliefs, ideas and values transmitted by companies are their point of differentiation today. This is where brands need to work to create long-terms relationships with their consumers and thus increase sales.

Marketing must be sustained by Public Relations to build lasting relationships with consumers

The main objective of marketing now is to build long-lasting relationships with consumers. Here we see the necessity of the collaboration between Marketing and Public Relations. To identify key-influencers of a particular sector, those who have the capacity to inspire consumers and have an impact on their buying behaviors, is a major challenge for companies, and Marketing and Public Relations departments have to work together to achieve this goal.

Michael says “The goal is to assist companies throughout these changes and provide them with tools that meet their new needs.”

Public Relations need to have measurement tools to keep up with Marketing

According to Michael, “PR has often been set aside the Marketing Mix because of their lack of measuring tools, they are not industrialized enough.” The challenge here is to make them measurable and help them demonstrate the ROI of their actions. How? By giving them key indicators and detailed reporting.

Anticipate the needs of future professionals

The time where Marketing and Public relations were separate is over. Marketing and Communication issues are now merged and are becoming more oriented towards the “digital economy.”  It is crucial to anticipate the expectations and working methods of future Communication professionals, and be able to offer solutions that meet those needs.

Any comments? Let us know! And a big thank you to Michael for giving us his point of view on the subject.

Nicole Alter

A small person with a big appetite, Nicole is a total geek for innovation in the tech and fashion space. Nicole's other interests include social media trends, growth hacking, China, and hip-hop zumba classes.

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