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#FashionTalks: The Creativity Behind Purple PR

Julie Tsai

As one of the leading PR houses globally and representing around 100 clients ranging from beauty, lifestyle, fashion, restaurants, and travel, PURPLE PR currently calls top brands like Donna Karan, DKNY, EDITION Hotels, PUBLIC Hotel, Bang & Olufson, and Lancôme clients. Founded in London in 1998, PURPLE now has a presence in London, New York City, and Los Angeles. Independent in philosophy, attitude, and operation, PURPLE PR has differentiated themselves by offering an in-house approach and tailoring strategies to each individual client.

For this episode of #FashionTalks, we invited Andrew Lister, Senior Vice President of Purple PR to share his nine-year and counting journey with the agency. Andrew started his career in London, working for publications such as Loaded, Attitude, GQ, and AXM. He moved over to the world of public relations nine years ago, joining PURPLE to oversee all the men’s clients that the luxury agency held within its fashion division. As his role grew to encompass women’s and promotion Fashion Director, Andrew was sent to New York around four years ago and assigned to set up the US arm of the business, including the opening of the Los Angeles office.

Andrew shares his experience working between London, New York, and Los Angeles, addressing the growing opportunity of Los Angeles and the demanding schedule of New York City. He then discusses PURPLE’s long-term relationship working with American Hotelier and entrepreneur, Ian Schrager, and how that relationship has grown to become extremely organic through the course of twenty more years. Andrew then shares his views on how technology has advanced the fashion industry and the power of celebrities and social media.

Tune in with us below to discover how Andrew has built his impressive career over the years and how PURPLE PR has continuously earned the trust of the world’s top brands by leading with creativity.

Listen to “#FashionTalks | Andrew Lister, SVP of Purple PR” on Spreaker.

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Julie Tsai

After completing her Master's degree, Julie decided to continue her journey exploring the fields of fashion and tech. Apart from her interests in both topics, Julie is also an advocate of animal welfare and girls' education.

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