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3 Ways RFID Makes Sample Tracking Easier

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In an industry that is becoming increasingly technologically savvy, luxury brands are seeing the benefits of a digital samples management system. Not only can brands track the location of every sample in their supply chain, they can coordinate between departments without double booking samples for important events or opportunities. So what’s next? Using RFID tags to make sample tracking even easier.

According to Statista "In 2020, the global market for RFID tags is projected to be sized at around 24.5 billion U.S. dollars" whereas in 2018 it is estimated to reach 17.6 billion. And why are these RFID tags so useful in fashion? Because they can be integrated into any sample, regardless of size or shape, to track priceless items in real time across different media locations, photo studios or departments more securely. Luxury labels no longer have to worry about bar codes falling off or being misplaced during photoshoots. And to simplify the process even further, brands with a large quantity of samples or send-outs can use RFID tags to track samples within a matter of seconds.


Three ways RFID tags can make samples management even easier:

  • Scan multiple samples at once for faster processing. With RFID tags, you have the ability to scan all of your samples at once, rather than scanning each one individually. For example: your sales department is preparing for a major tradeshow and needs over 100 samples sent on location. Instead of scanning each sample individually, you can process the entire batch with an RFID reader. Now, you’ll receive all of the same benefits and tracking information - in a fraction of the time.
  • Conduct weekly inventory audits for great accuracy. The thought of an inventory audit can be overwhelming; making sure everything in your showroom is where it needs to be is not always a simple task. However, with an RFID system, you can conduct a sample audit in a matter of minutes. Simply scan the samples located in your showroom and then run a detail report to identify any inconsistencies or missing samples. Audits can be now conducted every week instead of on a monthly or seasonal basis for greater accuracy.
  • Protect sample aesthetics while increasing security.  When tagging quality leather handbags or handcrafted jewelry, you want something that won’t ruin the aesthetic of your item. The ability to place or sew an RFID label into items preserves the aesthetic while increasing the security of each sample. Since tags are hidden, you don’t have to worry about photographers removing labels each time they want to shoot the piece. Samples from your newest collection will stay flawless on the pages of Vogue but remain trackable each time they leave the showroom.


Digital sample management is already on trend but using RFID tags can make you the next trendsetter. Now you’ll be able to focus more time on press and buying opportunities rather than scanning samples in and out of your showroom. Not to mention, increased security will help protect against the loss of your most valuable pieces. Tracking samples collection after collection has never been easier.

Want to learn more about how you can use RFID tags to enhance your sample management process? Request a demo of Samples RFID here.



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