Shakira's Latest Song Propels Rolex and Casio's Brand Performance to New Heights

Céline Sabbagh

Shakira’s latest viral song, BZRP Music Session #53, which was released in January of this year, has shattered records, becoming the most-watched Latin song within 24 hours of its release. The song generated $8.7M in Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) in the first 5 days alone. But it’s not just Shakira who’s benefiting from the success; in this article, we break down how two of the world’s top watch brands, Casio and Rolex, have experienced a considerable increase in brand performance as a result of being mentioned in her song lyrics. We’ll also understand how other brands can leverage the Celebrity Voice to build legitimacy, raise awareness, and reach new audiences.

A look at how Shakira’s latest song elevated Media Impact Value™ for two iconic watch brands

Our analysis revealed that Casio’s mention in the song generated $70 million in MIV®, with social conversations accounting for the majority of the value (59% of total Media Impact Value™ to be exact). On the other hand, Rolex secured $40.5 million in MIV®, with just over half originating from social media.

The Impact Celebrity Voices have on Brand Performance

-Build Legitimacy: Celebrities have established trust with their fans, so their endorsement naturally adds brand credibility. In the BZRP Music Session #53 song, Shakira’s mention of Casio and Rolex reinforced the brands’ reputation as household names amongst her fan base, as she brought them top of mind.

-Raise Awareness: Given the wide reach and powerful platforms celebrities wield, they can undeniably bring attention to a brand by either wearing or (in this case) talking about their products. This song is a great example of how Shakira was able to bring both brands mass exposure and increase their brand awareness.

-Reach New Audiences: Celebrity followers come from diverse demographics, spanning across the globe, making them a powerful tool for brands to expand their reach. Shakira, for instance, boasts an international fan base, and her endorsements of brands like Casio and Rolex have helped these companies connect with new audiences who may have otherwise remained untapped.

How the Casio leveraged the organic celebrity endorsement on their Owned Media channels

In response to being quoted in Shakira’s song as “You traded a Rolex for a Casio", implying that the soccer player had moved on to someone of lesser status than herself, Casio made the conscious decision to leverage the organic celebrity endorsement on their Owned Media channels like Twitter to promote their brand. In a humorous response, Casio acknowledged the mention of their brand in Shakira's song and took the opportunity to showcase the durability and longevity of their products, stating that "CASIO watches and keyboards and calculators are for life." The brand also reminded people of their other product offerings, including keyboards, and shared a photo of Daft Punk playing a Casio keyboard in an episode of Family Guy. By responding in a clever and lighthearted way, Casio effectively used the organic endorsement to generate buzz around their brand and products in a playful and culturally relevant way.

How can other brands interpret the results and drive similar levels of success?

The success of Shakira’s song highlights the power of celebrity marketing and demonstrates how brands can leverage the power of these sought-after Voices to drive brand awareness and engagement.

As consumers continue to seek out authentic and personal connections with brands, it’s essential for businesses to consider leveraging celebrities as part of their 360° marketing strategy to continue creating those meaningful connections with their fan base. By partnering with the right celebrity, brands continue to hold conversations with their followers organically which often translates to an increased brand performance.

Having a balanced Voice mix is crucial for any brand, and while celebrities can bring many benefits, it’s essential for brands to understand and make use of all of the key Voices including: Media, Celebrities, Influencers, Partners, and Owned Media, according to their goals. By understanding the real power that each Voice yields, brands can create a more comprehensive marketing strategy while helping make more informed decisions.

Overall, the success of Shakira’s new viral song has had a significant impact on Casio and Rolex, earning them millions of dollars in MIV® in just a couple of days. This serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of celebrity marketing and the potential the right Voice can bring to brands across a range of industries.

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