The Shift in the Wearable Technology Market

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There is no doubt that wearable technology has become a booming business. Many companies have been designing and expanding into this sector brining more stylish and fashionable wearable tech pieces to consumers. With the recent new releases of the Apple Watch, more designers experimenting with wearables, and developments of gadgets that are dedicated to app addictions, we take a look at the continuous advancements in the wearable tech market.

Wearable Technology Marries Streetwear Style

When technology and fashion brand TwentyFour15 launched in London Fashion Week this past season, the brand showcased their newest collection of apparel that engages with technology and changes color through the user's smartphone device.

As the first-ever app-connected streetwear brand, the brand successfully attracted the new era of consumers – Gen Z-ers, by creating a manifesto based on self-expression and individuality. Through the app-connected technology, individuals can express themselves fully and take ownership of each piece of their clothing.

Smart Shoes Built for the Tech-Savvy Runner

As technology continues to empower our everyday lives, it's no surprise that chip-powered sneakers have joined the wearable trend to help active runners track, analyze, and store data, without the need of carrying or wearing an extra device around.

Under Armour's current collection of Smart Shoes, UA Speedform, fully integrates the chip technology within their sneakers. For just around $150, these sneakers measure a variety of fitness data needed for a jogger to train including distance traveled, stride length, as well as pace. According to the company, the data captured is much more accurate than what is captured on a treadmill or a wrist piece.

Yoga Fanatics Embrace Smart Clothing 

For the yoga-addicted, Bluetooth-enabled smart yoga pants, Nadi X from Wearable X, promise to help yogis better perform by bringing the instructor's touch to the user's body. Through the haptic technology, each sensor can communicate with one another, determine any improper posture, and encourage the user to adjust accordingly. The pants work with the Nadi X app, which has 30 poses that users can practice while listening to in-app playlists.

Tech-Powered Suits to Look Sharp and Smart

Wearable technology currently serves the purpose to help users better organize, track wellness and fitness, connect with user's network, or even identify potential health issues. All these functionalities have a mutual goal to ease a user's mind, which is why Samsung created the NFC Smart Suit. The suit has an embedded NFC chip – evolved from RFID technology – that connects to a mobile app, allowing users to exchange data such as business cards to new contacts or seamlessly set the phone to silent mode for meetings. By adding technology to style, Samsung has created a whole line of wearables – The HumanFit – that shoppers will actually want to wear.

Rebecca Minkoff Merges Style with Smart Technology

Joining the wearable technology trend is the highly tech-driven brand, Rebecca Minkoff. The new collection of Rebecca Minkoff handbags recently hit sales floors and their integrated RFID chips send owners product recommendations, offers, and content from the brand when the code is scanned by the owner's smartphone. These functionalities allow the brand to further foster customer relations, encourage engagement, and help the brand make better business decisions.

The collection is in partnership with Avery Dennison's Retail Branding and Information Solution, which aims to digitize 10 billion pieces of clothing and accessories in three years.

Apple Watch Series 3 Brings Cellular Connectivity

The Series 3 Apple Watch offers all previous functionalities of helping users stay connected with friends and family while fully integrating with their active lifestyles. From tracking basic fitness metrics, checking emails and planning out the day, streaming music, to checking text messages or taking phone calls, the Series 3 watch provides users with more freedom by giving them the chance to stay connected, even when their phone isn't around. Personal assistant, Siri, is also now included with Series 3 watches, making these smart watches even more essential for those living a busy lifestyle.

This newest Apple Watch also partnered with heritage luxury house, Hermès. Together the two powerhouses brought together a functional, yet fashionable accessory for the stylish and active shopper.


As wearable technology continues to innovate itself and help bring convenience to our everyday lives, it will be exciting to see how brands marry all the elements of design, brand heritage, and smart technology into the final product. As consumers continuously seek out functional products, the role of fashion will become even more important as the industry will play an integral part in making wearable technology stylish and attractive enough to tap into a wider market.

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