Ready, Set, Social: A Crash Course On Fashion Social Networks

Launchmetrics Content Team

With a population of approximately 318 million people, Adweek reports that an estimated 67% of Americans are active on social media to some capacity. Roughly 200 million users on social sharing sites in the U.S. meaning that you have 200 million reasons to create and share killer content, and 200 million opportunities to stay relevant–especially on Fashion social networks.

We know that navigating the social landscape isn’t easy and that’s why Launchmetrics has put together a list of tips and tricks– whether you own a brick & mortar business, are a blogger or even a tech-genius– to avoid any faux-pas and help solidify your rockstar status on Fashion social networks:

Tip 1: Know your audience, time your posts.

When do you check your social media feeds most often? In the morning or right before bed? During your lunchbreak, or directly after work? Chances are, your audience has similar reading habits and refreshes their feeds at the same times in the day as you do.

  1. Don’t get lost in the shuffle and lose your relevancy by posting at an off-peak time. Manage your Twitter using sites like TweetDeck to capitalize on the time your audience is most likely to read/view your content.
  2. If you manage your company’s Facebook page, you can time your posts at the top right corner of the interface (tip: note that if you attach a picture to a timed Facebook post, a bug prevents the picture from actually posting).
  3. Are you trying to reach a certain demographic or region other than your own? For example, if you’re attempting to target a European audience, schedule your social sharing around 11AM EST if you want a French reader to see and read your piece during their commute home after work!

Adweek and Buffer note that early mornings and specific times like 12PM and 6PM deliver the highest amount of click-through rates.

Tip 2: Use sharp images on every fashion social network!

If a messy, blurry, and totally ambiguous photograph (don’t worry, it’s probably food of some sort) shows up on your social feed and you’re confused as to what the user was thinking before they posted their snapshot, they’ve probably forgotten the cardinal rules of picture posting.

  1. Turn your brightness up! Lighting and focus is incredibly important when it comes to taking pictures, so check to ensure your brightness function is at full capacity to capture an accurate depiction of your subject.
  2. Cropping your photograph can either detract or increases its clarity. An app like SKRWT meticulously straightens, crops and perfect angles of pictures and can totally transform your image.
  3. Don’t be afraid of a good filter! Along with Instagram’s filters (which have vastly improved recently), photo processing apps like VSCO Cam and Afterlight not only enhance a photo’s aesthetic quality, but boost your post’s chance of getting more likes and shares!

Twitter delienates that photos average a 35% boost in Retweets, when entered along with a post.

Tip 3: You’ve got mail!

Consistently check your DMs (Direct Messages) on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with a potential client or investor who’s contacted you via private message, or neglect a customer who’s distraught about a failed delivery or experience. You don’t like to be ignored, neither do they. Sometimes iOS bugs fail to create notifications, therefore DMs are left unread until you manually enter social apps.

Tip 4: Capitalize on current events.

Be on top of today’s news and project tomorrow’s trends the second they happen. RSS feed readers like Feedly streamline all posts published by your favorite news sources and relay articles together on one single page. Categorize your news sources by topic and utilize the website to conjure content based on what’s happening now and retweet/repost news to showcase your social savvy.

Tip 5: The art of tagging!

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) separates web searches by keywords based on what sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo find most relevant. Keywords targeted to your value prop increase your credibility, thereby increasing visibility on search results. Sites like Google AdWords can offer insight into what keywords can get your posts more traction on the world’s go-to search engines.

Tagging on popular fashion social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (whether adding a celebrity, digital influencer or business’ handles) can also be helpful when trying to garner more attention on social media from your audience. Often times, big businesses are more than happy to retweet a post you’ve tagged them in, and in turn, can surge your readability and post’s credibility. Hashtags are also helpful because like SEO keywords, they capitalize on what’s trending at that very moment domestically and worldwide. Use sites like Hshtags and to see what’s trending now.

So, what are you waiting for? Be a fashion social network master! Ready, set, social!

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