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How to Step Up Your Instagram Game

Katie Cole

If you haven’t already heard, Instagram is the new way to get customers to engage with your brand. It’s a great way to connect with your customers on a more personal level and show off the “fun” side of your organization as well – especially for the fashion industry. Social media is the best way for fashion companies to reach customers and Instagram is king.

There are a million tips and tricks out there for touching up your profile, but there are a few that you should check off if you want to maximize your Instagram optimization.

Post original content

While everyone loves a good meme, make sure that your team is putting out original content on your Instagram too. Customers like to see something they haven’t seen before and will be that much more likely to follow you if you’re posting content that isn’t the same as everyone else’s.

Make your profile more cohesive

Something that benefits Instagrammers everywhere is to have a cohesive color scheme on your profile. When a customer comes to your Instagram and sees the entire feed has complementary colors, it’s more aesthetically pleasing. The visual appeal is more likely to make your customers hit the “follow” button.

Choose your hashtags wisely

Sure, throwing in a bunch of hashtags on an Instagram post is a sure-fire way to gain a lot of likes and maybe even some followers. You want to make sure you’re capturing the right followers though – those that will turn into customers. Take a look at some companies that are similar to yours and see what hashtags they’re using to get ideas for what to add to your next post.

Interact with the community

When you’re looking at the hashtags that other companies are using, take a minute and browse through the other posts that have that hashtag on it! Like other images and leave thoughtful comments on other posts to get out there. Also make sure you respond to the comments on your posts as well – having an ongoing conversation with your customers gives you a better chance of them continuing to follow you.

If you attend an event hosted by a company with similar clientele, or if you partner with a company or influencer, make sure to tag them in a post. It’s more than likely that you’ll get a like or follow for them.

Have a call-to-action (CTA) in your bio

Having a clear CTA in your bio can help you build a bigger lead list and convert more followers into customers. Make sure that the CTA you have takes leads to a page that provides lots of value for them – that optimizes the chances of them turning into customers. Send your followers to your bio by including CTA’s in your photo captions that then lead them to your bio link.

Post at times when followers will see your content

We’ve heard those rumors about Instagram organizing your feed so that the most popular content is at the top, but never fear – posting at the right time with the right hashtags will still guarantee you the most eyes on your post. Using a service such as Iconosquare will help you pick the optimum time!

Post frequently

Having fresh content will help keep your brand top of mind for your followers and will lessen the chance of them hitting the dreaded “unfollow” button. But don’t overload them with content. We suggest posting once or twice a day for the most success.

Want some help in stepping up your social media game?

Social media in fashion is one of the most important things to be utilizing – check out our online and social media monitoring tools to get a little help.

Katie ColeContent Strategist

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