successful jewelry digital campaigns

5 Stellar Examples of Successful Jewelry Digital Campaigns

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The most successful jewelry digital campaigns are those that embody luxury, tell brand stories, and create a deep connection with customers. But for the world’s most prestigious luxury jewelry brands, there’s an added challenge: how to craft a digital strategy that respects the brand’s heritage while at the same time appealing to new generations of young consumers.

Here we’ll take a look at how five luxury fine jewelry houses are creating emotive, engaging, and buzz-worthy digital campaigns to win over audiences globally.

5 Successful Jewelry Digital Campaigns

successful jewelry digital campaigns

1. David Yurman

David Yurman is a brand that understands how to market jewelry online using social media. 

For a number of years the brand has been collaborating with popular Instagram influencers — like the bloggers behind Wendy’s Lookbook, Brooklyn Blonde and Atlantic-Pacific — to generate content across the blogosphere and social media. David Yurman also uses Instagram’s social shopping feature to drive sales from directly within the app.

In 2017 the brand partnered with Elle for the magazine’s first ever branded Facebook livestream. The partnership not only allowed them to reach Elle’s audience of 4.7 million Facebook followers in addition to their own, it also drew on the star power of two Instagram influencer hosts, Erica Hoida and Lucy Hernandez, who had a combined following of more than 880,000 at the time.

Part of David Yurman’s success is in knowing who to work with. Importantly, the brand only chooses to work with influencers who fit the brand image and appeal to the target audience they’re looking to reach. These influencers help demonstrate to younger customers how the brand’s pieces can be worn and styled. 

2. Van Cleef & Arpels

French jewellery maison Van Cleef & Arpels are famous for their impeccable artistry and century-old heritage. But that doesn’t mean they’ve failed to move with the times. In recent years they’ve embraced digital, using their e-commerce site to immerse users in interactive fantasy worlds custom created for each collection.


Van Cleef & Arpels use their social media accounts to spread the same coherent brand stories and generate excitement with followers. The brand cleverly uses Instagram Stories, for example, to step customers through animated fairytale narratives that not only present the latest collections in a visually-stunning and interactive way, but also to drive followers to their e-commerce platform to continue the experience.

van cleef arpels

3. Bulgari

As one of the most well-known high end jewelry brands, Bulgari has long been crafting successful jewelry digital campaigns that draw on style influencers. One of the biggest lessons to take away from Bulgari? That global brands need to adapt their campaigns to different local markets.

Bulgari does this by working with cherry-picked sets of influencers in different geographic segments. In 2015 Bulgari collaborated with Launchmetrics' influencer management platform, Style Coalition, to launch a campaign in North America for which they tapped three major style bloggers for a Roman holiday, bringing the essence of the Italian luxury house to consumers in the USA. 

This year the brand has worked with four major Arab influencers — actress Tara Emad, model Rym Saidi, and style influencers Lama Al Akeel and Fatma Husamin a dazzling campaign directed at the Arab market.

Bulgari’s social campaigns are always neatly tied together by campaign hashtags as well as brand hashtags, which also incentivizes followers to create content of their own.

4. Buccellati

Buccellati is another high end jewelry brand winning at digital strategy. One of their most interesting recent campaigns was a collaboration with Noonoouri, a virtual influencer with over 86,000 Instagram followers.

The forward-thinking move was most certainly designed to appeal to the social media generation, for whom a computer-generated fashion icon can be as influential as a real-life one. And because Noonoouri is known for wearing high-end fashion, Buccellati recognised that she was not only buzz-worthy, but also a good fit for the brand.

Buccellati balances out their youthful marketing content with more traditional campaign imagery featuring well-known models and celebrities.

5. Damiani

For another clever strategy for marketing jewelry online, look to luxury Italian jeweler Damiani.

As well as posting content across all major social networks and driving sales through their e-boutique, Damiani multiplies their marketing efforts using real-world events. The brand’s prestigious 2017 exhibition at the Palazzo Reale in Milan was a perfect example: Damiani raised the curtains on the event by hosting an exclusive dinner for well-known faces on the fashion scene. Among the guests were Instagram influencers like Eleonora Carisi, Paolo Stella and Candela.

On top of the buzz generated by the Italian social media muses, Damiani seized the opportunity for user-generated content. All guests attending the exhibition were encouraged to share pictures and videos using specific campaign hashtags.

5 Key Lessons To Take Away

These five successful jewelry digital campaigns can teach us a lot about how to create marketing strategies for online jewelry business. To summarize:

  • Work with the right influencers. As we saw with David Yurman, it’s important to identify influencers who fit the brand image and are followed by the right target audience.
  • Share brand stories coherently across channels. Between their main site, micro-sites, and social media accounts, Van Cleef & Arpels do this brilliantly.
  • Customise campaigns for different markets. For global brands, like Bulgari, each market needs to be addressed based on their unique needs and desires.
  • Tap into existing buzz by moving quickly on collaborations that are right for the time. Buccellati recognized the rise of virtual avatars like Noonoouri and jumped on board without hesitation.
  • Use real-world events to generate content online. Launch events, exhibitions, openings and red carpets are all opportunities to cross pollinate between real life and the digital world.

Know of any other outstanding examples of luxury houses conquering the digital sphere? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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