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#KnowYourMIV: Tamara x Laura Mercier

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Welcome to the latest installment of #KnowYourMIV. This month, we examine the success of press trips, by looking at the case study of Mega Influencer, Tamara Kalinic, and her time in Courchevel with Laura Mercier, for the launch of their Silicone Free Pure Canvas Primer. Tamara has been named as one of TIMES' Top 100 Influencers, starting her journey with fashion blog TheGlamandGlitter, and expanding this to a fanbase of over 824k users on Instagram alone. She has also graced the covers of the likes of Cosmopolitan and Grazia and frequently works with a host of brands - from Dior to Cartier. 

In February 2020, Tamara embarked on an influencer based press trip in partnership with Laura Mercier, which was widely shared online via YouTube and Instagram primarily. To gauge the impact that this action generated for the brand, we used Media Impact Value™ (MIV®),  our proprietary data algorithm, Read how it works in this article.

#KnowYourMIV: Tamara x Laura Mercier in Courchevel

Overall, Tamara's specific posts from her trip with Laura Mercier were reshared over 30 times on Instagram specifically, suggesting that the content resonates well with audiences and driving a high shareability value. The MIV® she accumulated was at its highest on the third day of the trip, during which she shared two posts that amassed $106K in Media Impact Value™. The MIV® for Laura Mercier spiked particularly during the trip on the days that Tamara shared her content. 

The top posts from Tamara's trip with Laura Mercier

The launch night

The top post from Tamara’s trip to Courchevel with Laura Mercier generated $64K in MIV® for the brand. The carousel post showcased a peek into the start of the trip, as Tamara shared that she would be celebrating the launch of their Silicone Free Pure Canvas Primer, directing followers to her story for more content from the trip. Tamara also used the top keyword ‘#merciermoments’ in the caption, which accumulated an overall value of $2.9M in MIV® by the end of the press trip - her post is still featured in the top 9 posts within this hashtag, further increasing the visibility of her content. 

$63,657K MIV® 

Taking to the slopes

As part of the trip in partnership with Laura Mercier, many creators took to skiing in the alps, and Tamara’s second-top post by MIV® features her skiwear look as she enjoyed the snow. This post showcases a more behind-the-scenes look at the trip, without being so heavily product-focused. The notion of press trips like these is for creators to have the opportunity to curate one-of-a-kind content that fits in line with their own style, and this showcases that. 


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Made it to the top 🗻 Skiing in @perfectmomentsports total look #MercierMoments

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$55,834K MIV®

The product breakdown

It comes as no surprise that the following post was one of the top publications featured from Tamara’s trip. In her caption, she lists the breakdown of Laura Mercier products worn and gifted to her, remaining open with her followers about which products she’s been consistently loving from the brand. This fits not only with her own feed but also the ‘Mercier moments’ theme of the trip, as creators shared the special moments they experienced alongside the new primer launch. 

$53,085K MIV®  

Tamara's MIV® per post was largely consistent across those that she shared from the particular press trip with Laura Mercier. Partnering with influencers that widely provide stable and consistent value across their posts is fundamental for brands in terms of any campaign - not just press trips. This works as a way to safeguard the performance of partnerships if the influencer is already achieving consistent engagement and value from their audiences.

Tamara's take

Finally, we spoke with Tamara to gain some of her insights on the landscape of influencer marketing and communicating value to brands:

How did you get into being a full-time creator? 

I was at university when I opened my blog as a creative outlet for showing my passion. After that, I worked as a full-time pharmacist who has a blog as their hobby on the side. It was hard to quit my day job to pursue this as a career, but the moment I started getting offers from brands that I was a big fan of, I knew it was the right moment.

What is the biggest challenge for you when it comes to working with brands? 

Making them understand our value. A lot of influencers are still not on the same page, and the standards of different people and different brands are still varying a lot. It’s important to stick to your own rules and boundaries and to educate brands on results and conversion rates.

Do you find it difficult to determine your ROI as a creator? 

It’s hard to determine it every time, as brands often do not share the results with us. However, I am able to see results from engagement and from my audience sharing with me if the product featured got sold out or they have purchased it. That always helps.

We hope you enjoyed this #KnowYourMIV with Tamara Kalinic on influencer press trips via our case study on Laura Mercier. If you would like to learn more about how to partner with the right influencers for your campaigns, visit our page below.

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