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 Teaser: Business of Beauty Report: Top 700 Performers

Céline Sabbagh

The beauty industry is more competitive than ever; there has been an influx of new brands, products, and celebrity collaborations in the past year. While beauty is considered an affordable luxury in a time of economic uncertainty, there has been an increasing concern over consumer fatigue. In addition, challenges remain in the business of beauty, being less reliant on media compared to the fashion industry and requires a much more nuanced, diversified Voice strategy.

As a result, Launchmetrics has launched an exclusive report, Business of Beauty: The Top 700 Performers where we analysed over 700 top-performing beauty brands across colour cosmetics, skincare, and fragrance to identify industry trends, biggest winners, and best practices that you can access here.

In the report, you will be able to understand what are the social media platform that drives the biggest MIV® compared to the biggest growth. You will understand what is the type of content that best resonates with beauty audiences, categorised by platforms as well as see which beauty brand owned by celebrity continues to win over the market while getting a glimpse over the ones that others declining. Finally, you will see what are top 10 beauty brands, by MIV®, the top 10 biggest winners, by growth in MIV® and what are the top 10 beauty enterprises, ranked by MIV®.

Discover in our latest report what are the latest industry trends and which beauty brands made it to the 700 performers ranking based on MIV® in the first semester of 2022 here.

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