The Essential Fashion Industry Trends In Tech Needed To Survive #NYFWM

Launchmetrics Content Team

With New York Fashion Week: Men’s rapidly approaching, you may have channeled all of your energy into styling yourself for the lens of Tommy Ton instead of reviving your tech-tools in preparation for the big week. Well, fear not! Launchmetrics has gathered a list of the hottest fashion industry trends so you’ll know the hacks, apps and tips to ease some of your pre-show planning pains.

Tech-41. #App: AroundMe

Without a Starbucks, bank or bar in sight, you may feel stranded down by Skylight Clarkson Square come July 13th if you’re unfamiliar with the area.

iOS app AroundMe understands your needs (we get it, that second triple-shot soy no-foam latte is vital to your day). Using your location, AroundMe finds an array of information about your surroundings. Whether you want to retrieve some cash, hit up Duane Reade, or catch a flick between shows, this app channels those desires and finds the closest locales that match your requests in one simple, chic interface.

2. #Hack: Battery Preservation

Your battery is draining, the Public School NYC show starts in a half hour and suddenly, panic overwhelms you. Your editor tasked you with shooting the show for the magazine’s Instagram feed but your phone is almost dead.

First, lower your brightness. Shifting the level of your phone’s brightness can significantly increase your battery life. Second, find a charging station. Launchmetrics has preempted your needs by partnering with ChargeItSpot to provide show-goers with power to recharge their devices. With five ChargeItSpot lockers available at the Skylight Clarkson Square venue, you’ll be able to regain fuel and get back to blogging sooner.

3. #Tip: Clean your computer and accessories once per week

While this may seem like an obvious piece of advice, it’s actually easy to neglect your digital devices when they don’t appear physically dirty. According to a study conducted by the Wall Street Journal, cleaning your phone with Windex can decrease the amount of bacteria on it by 90.6%. With less bacteria and a sleeker surface, your user-experience will be so fresh and so clean, clean.

4. #Hack: Open tabs on your iPhone

It’s easy! Just select the ‘Show All Tabs’ button in the right corner of Safari. Tabs from the same site will be stacked neatly together, while single ones will be sorted accordingly in a neat grid. Viewing all of your open tabs can help eliminate some that are not relevant to you anymore, in turn, speeding up your Internet speed. Similarly, clearing your cache and history on Safari from your iPhone can also boost your internet speed, battery power and boost your storage space.

5. #App: Keep up with fashion industry trends with wifi

If you want to stay updated on fashion industry trends and post content without using cellular data, find nearby Wi-fi hotspots to piggyback from. Wifi-Finder boasts over 650,000 locations worldwide and allows you to see nearby locations that allow free internet connections. How’s that for fast fashion?

6. #Tip: URL shortener for amazing tweets

Send your entire message out in one tweet by shortening your URL links using and Using such shorteners can track how many click-throughs you get, and as a result, allow you to see which of your posts got more traction.

7. #App: Find Food Fast

Finding places to eat has never been easier than with The Infatuation iOS app. While other restaurant apps can be overwhelming, the creators of The Infatuation ask celebrated chefs, critics and celebrities to choose their favorite restaurants in the city. Impress your fellow front-rowers by inviting them to lunch at one of these curated restaurants.

8. #App: Always catch a ride

Each day, the chances of catching an Uber after the runway shows is going to be slim-to-none. Though we’re Uber-enthusiasts ourselves, ride in style with LYFT as it’s just as good, if not a better car service (probably cheaper, too) than Uber.

9. #Hack: Streamline the event planning process

Breeze through Fashion Week with Launchmetrics technology! As the official technology partner of the CFDA for #NYFWM, Launchmetrics caters to more than 30,000 industry insiders that use the Fashion GPS Radar website and app to stay up on fashion industry trends and organize their calendars throughout the year.

Fashion GPS Radar is an exclusive community of people ranging from editors, buyers, bloggers, celebrities, stylists (and more) that utilize our software to accept runway show/party invites, check daily schedules during fashion week(s), view on-the-minute collection images, and more. Get organized and stay up on fashion industry trends by requesting your account today and may the force be with you this New York Fashion Week: Men’s!

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