Tezenis: 4 Noteworthy Types Of Brand Communication

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If you haven't seen any of the Tezenis communication campaigns lately, then you've definitely been out of the loop! Just over the past year, the Italian underwear and apparel brand has launched quite a few campaigns that combine both digital and non-digital strategies, gaining great media coverage. From the capsule collection launched with world-famous pop star Rita Ora, to the events organized with influencers coming from all over the world to tease about new collections, Tezenis surely knows how to reach its target by launching a 360°campaign.

There's quite a lot to learn from observing this brand's way of communication. Let's dive into 4 innovative strategies implemented by Tezenis!

The Success Story: Rita Ora x Tezenis

The collaboration started in 2015 when influencer Rita Ora was chosen as a spokesperson for the brand. Celebrity endorsements are one of the most common advertising strategies, however, things changed in 2016 when the British singer went from being just a spokesperson to working as a stylist and model for the brand. It happened during the F/W 2016 season when the pop star launched her #ritaoraXtezenis capsule collection. This partnership marked the first celeb collaboration for the Calzedonia group. In order to celebrate this huge partnership, Tezenis organized a concert-like show at its headquarters in Verona, where the singer hosted a special performance and was adorned in Tezenis. Of course, many fashion influencers couldn't miss the party and the chance to share this occasion with thousands of their followers.

No one like HER to open the Fashion Live Show @ritaora 💖 #tezenis #tezenishow #ritaoraXtezenis #ritaora #mfw2016

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A Fresh Product for a Fresh Brand: Chupa Chups x Tezenis

After its collaboration with Coca-Cola, Tezenis joined forces with the famous lollipop brand Chupa Chups to launch its own capsule collection. This collaboration combined elements that both brands share: a young and energetic target audience, as well as two similar brand identities that can be described as colorful, sexy and playful. The capsule collection was marketed through different channels that applied both offline and online strategies. Besides traditional ads, the brand threw a launch party with a live DJ at their flagship store, where many guest stars were invited to attend.

Pillow fight anyone? 💕💤💭🍭 @tezenisofficial #chupachupsxtezenis #tezenis #ChupaChups

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On social media, many well-known influencers promoted the campaign and shared this new collection with their followers.

Influencers Calling! Events @ Tezenis

Time and time again, Tezenis has launched one great campaign after another. To celebrate each of its collections and their corresponding campaigns, the brand from Calzedonia group organized numerous great events with popular digital influencers. What else could be better than inviting digital superstars to help generate awareness and create echo around your launch? The brand harnessed the Power of Influencer Marketing at its best, knowing how to leverage each talent with the brand's goal. In order to launch their #hellomiami campaign, the brand flew a number of fashion influencers from all over the world right to Miami, for the preview of the new collection, generating a lot of engagement through these opinion leaders who helped announce the release date.

In collaboration with other 'talent influencers', Tezenis brought other communication strategies to life. For example, the Italian web star Tess Masazza created a branded video targeting the female audience called 'Insopportabilmente donna' ("unbearably woman"). The video was shot entirely inside a Tezenis store, where Tess wore a complete look from the brand and promoted the new collection for the upcoming summer season. Also, together with the famous Italian youtubers iPantellas, Tezenis created another branded video that launched a contest in which the best three Tezenis looks published on social media by fans, using the dedicated hashtag #tezenisXfestival, would win free tickets to the amazing fashion show that took place on April 4, 2017, at Calzedonia headquarters in Verona. The event was an epic party where influencers from the realms of Beauty, YouTube, and Fashion gathered. After the show, pieces from the catwalk were already available on the official website. (A great example of 'See Now, Buy Now'!)

Here's a small teaser of what happened in Verona!

⭐️That was EPIC! ⭐️ 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @laccioland Video by @plastikdreamer #tezenisxfestival #tezenishow2017

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Stories, Live Streamings, Shares: Social Media x Tezenis

Every good communication strategy mixes on-site activities (offline) with the online tactics, and Tezenis sure has it figured out! In fact, at all of these big events we’ve mentioned, Tezenis has been extremely clever on how they engage with their target audience on social media, especially through their Instagram account which now boasts more than 870K followers. Each of the influencers that worked with the brand has helped promote these events through their channels and on their Instagram Stories. Naturally, those who were interested were redirected to the brand’s website, where they could view the live events! Through clever management, the brand’s Instagram account has become the hub of all of the brand’s digital activities: Instagram Stories is utilized to share their events and where they execute influencer “takeovers”, while their Instagram feed showcases the brand’s young, cool and sexy personality.

What do you think about these campaigns? Which of these communication strategies by Tezenis did you enjoy the most? Do let us know in the comments!

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