TikTok Analytics and Measuring Campaigns: Everything Fashion & Beauty brands should know

Gina Gulberti

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing digital platforms, with more than 100 million monthly users in the US alone. The short-form video app is a growing platform for fashion and beauty marketers and has become an essential marketing channel due to its high creator engagement rates and creative edge for brand storytelling. Brand and product awareness in general is high across the digital platform, with hashtags like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, where users post about the cool products they discovered on TikTok, which has generated more than 1B views according to TikTok.

The entertainment platform has also taken over fashion weeks with major brands like Prada live-streaming their shows as well as putting top creators in their front row such as Charli D’Amelio, who has the most followers on the app with more than 120 million.

The app has proven to be a great platform to boost creator and Influencer careers and exposure, as top TikTok creators such as Wisdom Kaye, have been scouted on the app by major modeling agencies like IMG Models. Designers, such as Olivier Rousteing, Creative Director of Balmain, are also sharing their creative process on TikTok, as well as taking part in challenges and posting tutorials. New fashion companies are also leveraging TikTok to launch their brands with the help of creators who are setting global trends, such as the return of 2000s fashion featuring the hashtag #Y2kFashion, which has over 58 million hits, according to TikTok.

TikTok star Wisdom Kaye - TikTok: Wisdom Kaye/@wisdm8

The app has given brands great product visibility, and most importantly, allows creators to make and share great authentic content. To understand the full scope of possibilities for brands on the digital platform, exploring and understanding its output and analytics has never been more important.

TikTok Analytics explained

For fashion and beauty brands, the best way to understand the true impacts of their marketing strategies is to properly measure all efforts on and offline, and TikTok is no exception to this. The average TikTok user in the UK will spend around an hour per day on the app, with a record number of 315 million people signing up to the platform during the first quarter of 2020, according to Elle. Beauty commerce has been boosted on TikTok with 52% of users saying they discover new beauty products on the digital platform. So for brands to best adapt their strategies, they need to measure and understand consumer engagement and their overall impact.

Many questions have been raised on how to check analytics on TikTok and where to find follower counts and stats. On the TikTok platform, analytics are organized into three main categories: 

  • Overview

Overview is where you can see your brand’s follower growth as well as video and profile views over a range of time periods such as a week, 28 or 60 days. Within Overview, you can also explore the Engagement section that allows you to evaluate your video performance based on likes, comments, and shares.

  • Content 

For more insight into your brand’s TikTok account, review the Content tab for a deeper look at your data and analytics for each video posted on the app. This tab is where you can find the total views, total likes, average watch time, percentage of viewers who watched your full video, the traffic source type e.g. directly via the profile or in the “For You” feed and the audience territories. However, these metrics are only available for seven days after posting.

  • Followers

Another metric to explore is the Followers tab that highlights insights about the TikTok community. It highlights the geographical location of your audience, the changes in follower growth, and the times of day or week when followers are the most active on TikTok. This can be viewed between a seven to 28 day period.

TikTok analytics allows you to take a closer look into some metrics such as follower growth, profile and views and overall likes. This helps your brand analyze their Owned Media, but how can you discover who is talking about your brand on TikTok and how your brand measures and benchmarks globally against other digital and social channels?

How to measure TikTok marketing efforts

TikTok is known for a “virality” that is contagious and can propel everyday users into major creators, while other popular platforms such as Instagram have become more curated and less viral.

The entertainment platform is particularly popular among Gen Z and millennials, and offers great reach to a wide network of global users. TikTok can open doors to a whole new generation of consumers for fashion and beauty brands. Therefore, in order to properly leverage the app’s growth and high engagement, strategic decisions should be made on which creators and content to focus on based on performance, and so brands must consider the right tools to measure their marketing efforts on TikTok. 

Understanding TikTok’s analytics and how to monitor overall brand performance on the entertainment platform will help inform both Influencer and social marketing strategies. Is media monitoring a way you can build out your TikTok strategy further?

Media Monitoring System

Tracking mentions on TikTok is just as important as the initial step of generating impact through creator partnerships and content. Thus, it is becoming increasingly important for brands to use the right technology and tools when choosing which social and digital channels they should focus on and to monitor their overall brand performance.

To enhance marketing efforts fashion and beauty brands should consider a media monitoring solution that provides clear insights into how well your brand is performing and which Voices are talking about your brand. But it is also important to consider that all mentions should be compared in the same way, through a unified metric such as Media Impact Value™ (MIV®). This will allow your brand to streamline and consolidate all TikTok mentions in one place, but also compare these mentions with other social channel mentions to really benchmark their overall value and thus, a tool that can bring this all together would be very advantageous.

A comprehensive media monitoring tool doesn’t just accurately quantify a brand’s ROI, but also validates your PR efforts across platforms such as TikTok and also ensures that all mentions are accounted for and compiled in easy to create and detailed reports. 

TikTok Analytics
 Example of Discover platform

So beyond a media monitoring solution, are there other useful tools to consider for your TikTok marketing strategy?

Brand Benchmarking Tool

For fashion and beauty brands wanting to better inform and optimize strategic marketing decisions, as well as utilize technology to produce a comprehensive view of their social performance, and their competitors, leveraging a benchmarking tool is key. 

With the right tools a brand can determine exactly where they are positioned in a benchmark against its competitors on TikTok. Brands must evaluate where they are positioned in the market, especially concerning competitor activity, in order to inform future strategies and make sure they yield intended results. Benchmarking data exposes weaknesses and identifies strengths, giving brands a clear pathway to improving their strategy and gaining a competitive advantage.

To properly benchmark, brands need a tool that is adapted to the specificities of the FLB industry and is valuable for guiding the evolution of a brand’s TikTok strategy. The constant analysis of activities and benchmarking results offer insights into a brand’s performance across a variety of metrics, including Engagement, Reach, Voices, Placements, and the monetary value of these achievements, such as MIV®.

TikTok Analytics
Example of Insights Benchmark platform

TikTok is a fun-filled entertainment platform with unlimited marketing potential, but properly sourced data and insights is one of the main challenges to leveraging the app. Therefore, the best technologies that are designed specifically for fashion and beauty brands should be utilized to monitor mentions and measure marketing efforts to determine their true value and help brands guide their future strategies.

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