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The Top 20 Shoe Brands in 2016 vs 2017

Launchmetrics Content Team

As we bring you the list of the top shoe brands that were mentioned in print the last two years, we can't help but reflect on the importance of  editorial media – one of the most established "voices" contributing to the value of brands today. With the potential to reach such a wide audience due to its long-standing presence in the industry, it is able to boost brand awareness in ways that other voices may not. After analyzing 400 fashion shows and putting together a thorough report along with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), we discovered that each of the 4 "voices" in this digital era – media, influencers, owned media and consumers – play a crucial role in building brand equity.

There is no secret formula or combination of these voices that will guarantee success for every brand; it all depends on the the company's objectives and target audience. Yet, we can't deny that media coverage in print is still absolutely essential to generate media impact and introduce your products to consumers. We recommend bearing this in mind, not only as you plan your PR strategy for your next campaign, but especially when it comes to monitoring and tracking press coverage – keep your eyes on both digital and print. This can be a daunting and extremely time consuming task, so don't forget to find the right PR tracking tool so you don't miss a mention. Most tools offer personalized, easy-to-read reports that you can generate at a click of a button to help make this whole process more time-efficient.

We've used our own expert team and tools to carefully sift through all print editorials and compile this list of top shoe brands in 2016 vs. 2017. Jimmy Choo certainly proved to stay on top of the game! Keep scrolling to discover the designer shoe brands list to find out which brands the media was raving about the past two years and whether these labels dropped or climbed in the ranking.


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