How To Turn Media Coverage in China From Zero To Hero 

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Looking to increase your Media coverage in China? You're in luck, as the Chinese market has become increasingly important to international Fashion, Luxury, and Beauty (FLB) brands.

Not only is China's economy a huge opportunity - it’s one that continues to grow: According to a November 2022 report by Bain & Co, Chinese shoppers will make up 40 percent of luxury consumers by 2030.

FLB brands looking to capture a share of that market need a strong China marketing strategy in place now in order to ensure they don’t get left behind. A crucial part of that strategy should be increasing Media exposure in China as a path to business expansion in 2023 and beyond. 

Let’s take a look at how to overcome one of the key marketing challenges for global companies entering the Chinese market.

Media Coverage in China: The Challenge for Global Companies

With a shift towards online and Social Media buying (e-tailers), the number of consumer touchpoints has never been greater. Digitally, these touchpoints include Social Media posts, live digital events, ad placements, and website visits. In such a fragmented landscape, having a holistic and consistent approach to measuring your brand’s performance has become essential.

Without such an approach, it’s impossible to accurately track how your brand is truly performing and how your marketing efforts are stacking up against those of competitors. 

To put it another way: if you can’t adequately assess your brand’s performance, how can you work to improve it?

Global Marketing: The East and West Divide

When tracking and measuring Media coverage in China, brands must also understand some crucial differences between East and West:

  • In China, KOLs are more important than Western Influencers. You need to understand the KOL landscape and which KOLs to work with for maximum ROI.
  • Advertising channels and social platforms differ from those popular in the West/globally. Understanding the right ‘Voice’ for your brand is necessary, and arriving at that understanding can take some testing and measuring.
  • The continued growth of the luxury market in China demands a focus on brand loyalty, especially those campaigns aimed at Gen Z consumers.

With that in mind, here are three things to focus on to better track your performance and optimize your Media coverage.

The Impact of Luxury-Fashion Marketing in China

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3 Steps To Turn Your Media Coverage in China From Zero To Hero

1. Track and Measure your KOL campaigns.

You know that KOL marketing is crucial for the success of FLB brands in China. However, it’s not enough to simply select a few top KOLs to collaborate with and hope for the best. For every campaign, you need to understand how much ROI each KOL accrues so you can uncover your best advocates and maximize future campaigns. 

The right Media monitoring tools can help you compare results from various KOLs across different platforms using a standardized metric. That way, you can easily assess what’s working and what’s not.

2. Break it down: Coverage by Voice 

KOLs are important in China marketing, but they’re not the only Voice contributing to your valuable media coverage. You must also track and measure the impact of other Voices such as Media outlets, Celebrities, Partners, and Owned Media. 

Doing this allows you to understand which Voices are performing the best and why, and optimize your strategy accordingly. Remember that the goal is not merely to increase your Media coverage, but to optimize it for the highest possible ROI.

3. Understanding Chinese Social Media. 

Chinese social platforms are different from those in the West. Not only do you need to know which platforms are popular, but you need to know which are popular for your specific audience and demographic. This is the key to knowing which KOLs and partners to collaborate with on each platform, what type of campaigns to run, and what format of content to produce in order to reach your ideal customer base. 

Being able to track and measure brand mentions and media coverage across social platforms will teach you which ones are delivering the most value. This will help you to optimize your future China marketing strategy.

The #1 Way to Track Marketing Performance in China

What if you had a single, easy-to-use solution for tracking all your Chinese social and Media mentions?

Introducing Launchmetrics Discover, the first PR monitoring tool dedicated to the Fashion, Luxury, and Beauty industries. Thanks to comprehensive cross-channel coverage, you can review and control the Media mentions your brand obtains across print, online, and social channels. 

Discover also allows you to:

  • Easily define the Media coverage you want to monitor and filter out the noise from irrelevant Voices.
  • Deep dive into Social Media coverage from the most popular Chinese networks like Douyin, Weibo, WeChat, RED, and BiliBili.
  • Better analyze the impact of your initiatives by linking content & publications to their relevant event, campaign, or product.
  • Understand which channels, regions, and KOLs contribute better and uncover your best advocates.
  • Compare your results over different channels using Media Impact Value™ (MIV®), our proprietary machine-learning algorithm that allows your brand to assign a monetary value to every post, interaction, or article.
  • Showcase your success in China through bespoke newsletters and beautiful coverage books. 
  • Analyze your performance periodically with our seamlessly exportable and easy-to-edit PowerPoint reports. 

Find out more about our Brand Performance Cloud and PR Monitoring solution, LaunchMetrics Discover, today.

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