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We’ve Gone Mobile!

Nicole Alter

We listened to all your Samples wants, dreams, and desires… and now we’ve gone mobile.

No longer do you have to drag all your samples to your desk to scan them, you can now return or receive samples from anywhere in the showroom. You can even create send-outs on the fly from the sample closet!

How does it work?

Our mobile app syncs with our web platform for a more efficient and seamless workflow. Once you download the app, you can utilize your phone camera as a scanner.

Now that we’ve peaked your interest, just click here to learn more about Samples Mobile on iOS from one of our representatives.

Nicole Alter

A small person with a big appetite, Nicole is a total geek for innovation in the tech and fashion space. Nicole's other interests include social media trends, growth hacking, China, and hip-hop zumba classes.

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