Why Berlin?: An Introduction To The Series

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We’re kicking off our series about the fashion scene in Berlin with a short introduction to the city!

The fashion industry in Berlin may have started out slow, but its rise in the past 20 years has been steady and progressive.

Today, Berlin is Germany’s fashion capital with over 19,200 people employed by 3,500 companies in the design industry. The city has established itself as one of the top five fashion capitals in the world, but the road to get to that point hasn’t always been smooth sailing. When the fashion industry started to emerge (after the wall came down) there were rumors that Berlin wanted to be the next Paris or Milan. In reality, the rumors didn’t accurately describe what really happened in the city.

Known as a creative hub, German cultural values paint a different face on fashion in Berlin. The city’s fashion community is made up of young and socially conscious individuals bringing new ideologies to the fashion world like eco-friendliness into their designs. In Berlin, “green fashion” and the “berlin chic” mentality are striking distinctions from the typical couture seen in neighboring fashion capitals. This kind of philosophy has become Berlin’s competitive advantage—it’s what has made it thrive.

Berlin is seen as a happening city. Described as a “center of arts and creativity” by the rest of the world, Berlin is the go-to destination for young Europeans. In fact, the city hosts several famous fashion trade shows that bring in plenty of international business and media coverage every year. As more and more fashion events take place in Berlin, the industry is certainly finding its niche.

Take a tour of Berlin through the infographic we’ve created below, so you can get a feel for the fashion capital yourself:


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Header image: Vogue.com

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