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Work In Fashion PR? Don’t Make This Mistake

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Katie Cole

Navigating your way through the fashion PR world can be tough. It’s a job that requires a lot of work, perseverance and learning, but comes with great rewards. Often, once you’ve gotten the hang of something it’s easy to fall into a pattern. As fashion PR experts know though, falling into a pattern could lead to unnecessary mistakes. We’ve come up with a list of mistakes that you might be making whether it’s first or millionth day on the job.

Pitching something off-season

Especially in fashion where we’re always thinking a season ahead, it can be easy to pitch something to someone that might not be in-season for them. You might be pitching an influencer about your spring line, but they could still be concerned with their holiday posts. Double check that the person you’re speaking to is thinking about the same product you’re pitching them and that it’s seasonally appropriate.

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Writing a lacklustre subject line

You could have the best written email in the entire world, but an uninspiring subject line might mean your target doesn’t even bother opening the email. Don’t think of the subject line as something you can leave until later or not bother to give a lot of thought to. Think about it while you’re crafting the body of your email – even think of a few variations. You can then pick which you think is the most enticing option or even A/B test with two different subject lines to see which one gets the most opens and responses.

Using too casual language

It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Same goes for language when communicating, whether it’s through email, phone calls or social media outreaches. When you’re meeting a new person, you’re not automatically their new best friend. Whether it’s replacing “hey” with “hi” or rethinking how you sign off, you want to come off as professional over anything else.

Sending out weekly press releases

Unless you’re truly producing something that’s breaking news-worthy every week, chances are you don’t need a weekly press release. These too often clog up reporters’ inboxes and might even make them archive your emails when something exciting does happen.

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Don’t get us wrong – you should definitely be communicating with the outlets you’re working with and the people that you’re coordinating campaigns with. However, do they really need two emails, a text, a phone call and a Facebook message? Probably not. If you’ve sent a few emails and realized you made a mistake or need to tell the other person something really important, our best advice is to go with a quick call.

Fact check, fact check, fact check

It’s one of our biggest fears – having a great email written out and ready to go and then making one, small error. Maybe you spelled their name wrong by one letter, maybe you still had a field that said [ company ], maybe you got a date wrong, it could be anything. Even the smallest things can kill a good email, so double and triple check your work before anything is sent out. Getting another person to look at it always helps too – a fresh set of eyes can pick out things you might have never seen!

As with every job, there’s always an opportunity to learn. Re-evaluate a process you’ve been familiar with for ages or ask someone else to triple check your pitch – you never know what hidden mistakes you might have been making.

Katie ColeContent Strategist

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