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World Cup 2018: The Data on the Sportswear Sponsors' Digital Impact

Launchmetrics Content Team

Whether you're passionate about soccer (football to our British friends) or couldn't watch a game even if they paid you to, we're sure you know that France won the 2018 Fifa World Cup this summer (congrats France!). While the world's largest sporting event is certainly all about the most talented international players going head-to-head, for sportswear industry pros, it also represents incredible marketing opportunity. Such is the case, that famed athletic companies — especially Nike and Adidas in this case — spent millions of dollars as World Cup sponsors to boost their brands.

According to The Guardian, "[Adidas], the German outfitter, spent hundreds of millions of pounds — including between $96 million (£71.9m) and $176 million for this year’s tournament — for exclusive rights that include having its logo on match balls and referees’ uniforms." Together Nike and Adidas sponsored 22 out of 32 soccer teams and out of these sponsorships, Nike spent 50.5 million euro to sponsor the French team while Adidas spent 65 million euro to sponsor Germany's team.

After learning about these hefty investments in sponsorships, we could only wonder, who ended up garnering the most buzz? Did Adidas' sponsorships bring home the trophy for most talked-about athletic brand at the World Cup? Or was it American rival Nike who won the digital impact championship?

Our team of Data Scientists put our proprietary algorithm to use and crunched the numbers. Below, you'll find out which brands ranked highest in audience-driven Media Impact Value™ and also gain insights on the "voices" that generated value for these sportswear World Cup sponsors. Scroll through our gallery below to see how the 8 sports brands ranked. 


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