#KnowYourMIV: Xenia Tchoumi's Partnership With L'Oréal

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In our previous #KnowYourMIV installment, we spoke about Jessica Kahawaty and her collaboration with Dior Beauty. This time, we take an analytical look into the Swiss-Italian influencer, Xenia Tchoumi and her MIV from the ongoing partnership with L'Oréal, a brand that the Mega Influencer has been working with since September 2018.

Xenia has made a name for herself in the fashion, luxury and cosmetics industries, occupying a hugely influential space in the world of Instagram and online. However, the digital entrepreneur has a long list of accomplishments that span outside the online space as well - she speaks six languages, has given three TEDx talks,  and has spoken at the United Nations, to name a few. Xenia has over 1.5M followers on her Instagram alone, where she focuses her energy not only on fashion or beauty but also on spreading wider, empowering messages about feminism, freedom, and self-confidence.

Below, you’ll discover the media impact generated by Xenia for her collaboration with L'Oréal between September 2018-present using our proprietary Media Impact Value™ algorithm (MIV®), which you can read more about here.

Top posts by MIV from Xenia Tchoumi and her partnership with L'Oréal

Overall, Xenia generated a total Media Impact Value of over $2M for L'Oréal, furthermore, her posts on Instagram alone had a whopping total reach of 118M. This included content using the hashtag #LOrealParisPartner and tagging @lorealmakeup.

1) The red carpet look

This post generated a total MIV of $118K and counting. The caption walked Xenia's followers through her achievable self-created red carpet makeup look, which she wore for the Women of Worth Celebration in December. The engaging text provided a mini makeup tutorial and asked her followers their opinions, which probably accounts for the post's high engagement level (and high MIV) - it racked up an impressive 63.6K likes and 872 comments.

MIV: $118,007

2) Woke up like this

The second-top performing post when it comes to the MIV Xenia generated for L'Oréal was another informative selfie look, which suggests her followers engage the most with these types of authentic and directed posts. This one featured a simple, natural look, and contributed to a MIV of $101K for L'Oréal.

MIV: $101,192

3) Sleek and simple

The third top-performing post, was a little different, as it focused more on L'Oréal's haircare range and how to achieve a straight and sleek look, easily and quickly. This photo, in particular, gave Xenia's followers an inside look at her personal routine as it featured a more behind-the-scenes style. This creates more relatability amongst her audience as they respond well to this type of content which only she can offer, which is part of what helps Xenia's Instagram stay so successful. Just by showing, simple looks, that audiences see as achievable, Xenia Tchoumi has managed to rack up an extremely high MIV for the brand, post-on-post. 

MIV: $98,034

Top posts by MIV by Xenia Tchoumi in the #LOrealParisPartner hashtag

All of Xenia's posts in partnership with L'Oréal feature the hashtag #LOrealParisPartner - a branded hashtag that L'Oréal uses with all of their partners, and a great way for the brand to access content they can repurpose. Overall, #LOrealParisPartner, was the top hashtag Xenia used in her posts, as she generated a total MIV of $1.2M for this group alone. Xenia also features in 1/3 of the top 9 photos in this hashtag group, suggesting an effective hashtag strategy is essential for both brand and influencer. 

1) Red hair, don't care

Xenia's top-performing post in the hashtag category #LOrealParisParter, featured the brand's hair makeup, as she showed her followers a different way to switch up their looks. Again, the post tells users how the product works, giving a little more insight into what 'hair makeup' really is. The key to a great brand-influencer partnership is staying informative and clued-up on the products that are being promoted, as it shows a real affinity with the brand.

MIV: $67,385

2) Unbelievabrow

Video content is starting to take over, as it sees a high amount of user engagement when it comes to views, and can help brands understand more about an influencer's reach. In this carousel post, Xenia featured both a completed look using L'Oréal's brow product, as well as a short video, showing her adding in the finishing touches.

MIV: $67,676

3) Confidence in makeup

The third top-performing post comes in the form of this empowering look, where Xenia encourages her followers to try our 'confidence' makeup styles. Within the plethora of comments, fans are provoked to speak more on the topic of confidence, upping both engagement and social conversation on the digital entrepreneur's Instagram feed.

MIV: $51,444

We hope you enjoyed this exclusive look at the MIV generated by Mega Influencer Xenia and the astounding MIV she racked up for L'Oréal in this #KnowYourMIV series. Let us know via our social channels who you’d like to see featured in our next #KnowYourMIV article!

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