Data Briefs
Chiara Ferragni: A Study on the Power of Influencers

Understand the power influencers can bring to your brand.
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To kick off the launch of our new Data Briefs, we are sharing our study on infuencer, Chiara Ferragni, and the Media Impact Value™ her wedding had on brands such as Dior and Lancôme. In this two-page brief, you will explore:

  • Exclusive data insights.
  • An analytical representation of the power influencers have when it comes to brand awareness.
  • The MIV® generated by Chiara and Fedez during their wedding, overall, as well as by branded segmentation.
  • The interactions generated for brands, by the digital entrepreneur’s nuptials.

Download the data brief to learn more about the potential power partnering with influencers can have for your brand.

*MIV® is a registered mark in the European Union.

Download the Data Brief!