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Reimagining Sportswear: Sports Marketing Trends Driving Industry Change

Data Snapshot on Brand Performance Tactics
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It’s no secret — the sportswear industry has been booming since 2020 and shows no signs of slowing down.

But, it’s not just down to consumer trends and the growing desire for well-being and comfort. There are sportswear brands in the industry that are leading the charge and capitalizing on intelligent sports marketing trends that are capturing audiences across the globe.

In the last ten years, sportswear has become a big part of popular culture, thanks to iconic brands, top designers, celebrities and athletes. They've not only set trends but also driven market demand. Multi-national sportswear brands have seen their popularity soar, with a 25-40% increase in Media Impact Value® (MIV®) from 2022 to 2023.

What’s the secret to this growth?

Implementing luxury-like marketing strategies to create powerful and lasting connections with young shoppers. Sportswear brands have levelled up their marketing tactics and taken a page from luxury leaders on how to leverage their heritage and build affinity around iconic products.

Download the insightful report and discover the strategies and sports marketing trends industry leaders are leveraging to generate impact and stay relevant.

  • How to measure the impact of your PR & Marketing initiatives in sportswear
  • What strategies you can employ to capture the attention of a broader audience
  • The top 20 sportswear brands that generated the most MIV® in 2023
  • How integrating luxury marketing tactics can elevate your brand presence and appeal
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