APAC Marketing: How to Monitor Your PR Coverage and Measure its Effectiveness

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Missing coverage? Using Google alerts to find your brand mentions? Manually calculating your media impact by comparing magazine rates? Spending hours to create monthly or campaign reports including all your online, print, and social media mentions?

The Asia Pacific region contains many of the fastest-growing and most lucrative business markets, especially for the fashion, luxury, and beauty industries. Achieving better coverage in online and print media and generating awareness in social networks is crucial to compete in such a highly competitive market. Achieving greater brand performance is the main objective of PR, communication, and agency teams, but, it's also important to efficiently follow where, when, and what value all those brand mentions get.

Cross-channel measurement remains a challenge for 76% of marketing and communication professionals. Therefore, it is essential to have the right tools and technology that facilitate the entire measurement process.

In this webinar, we will show you how to track your presence online, in print, and on social media efficiently and automatically. We'll show you how Launchmetrics Discover gives you full visibility into your mentions in China, Japan, or other APAC markets as well as it's capabilities for generating easy-to-export reports, coverage newsletters, and more. Sign up to improve your APAC marketing!

In this on-demand webinar,  you will learn:

  • How to monitor your brand presence holistically through print, online, and social media.
  • How to understand the true impact of your activities in APAC
  • What Media Impact Value™ is and how you can use it to analyze your performance on a daily basis
  • How to create easy-to-export PR reports tailored to the needs of every stakeholder

Meet Our Speakers

Sarah Ouyang - Senior Regional Account Manager at Launchmetrics

Carolina Wu - APAC Marketing Manager at Launchmetrics