APAC Marketing: Building a brand and marketing plan with high ROI

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The past year has seen various changes and new trends emerge in the fashion and beauty industry in Asia Pacific. What are the APAC marketing trends that brands should leverage? Struggling to find the right KPIs to analyze your brand performance? Want to understand your position in the APAC market? Curious to see what your competitors are doing?

As consumer behavior evolves, brands in the fashion and beauty industry in the Asia Pacific continue adapting and leveraging new trends in order to keep up. In 2023, the top digital marketing strategies with the highest ROI will fuel revenue growth. Without the right KPIs and actionable insights, making data-driven decisions about your brand and business will be impossible. 

Join our webinar with the Managing Director of Launchmetrics, Kim Leitzes, for the latest marketing predictions in 2023.

You will learn...

  • Overview of MIV for the Beauty & fashion industry in APAC
  • Exclusive Benchmarking: 10 beauty & fashion brands in APAC
  • Fendi: TikTok challenge encourages UGC
  • Shein’s Influencer Marketing Strategy
  • Key takeaways on the future of APAC Marketing

Meet our experts


Managing Director of Asia Pacific at Launchmetrics


17+ years in Fashion, Luxury, and Beauty industry : Experience including consumer & retail M&A, investment banking, investing, and corporate strategy 

Founded PARKLU in Shanghai in 2011: Transformed business model from media concept to digital agency to China KOL analytics software

Acquired by Launchmetrics in 2020: A created global platform for measuring brand performance, covering 600K voices