Reinventing Influence: The Gen Z Impact on Fashion Marketing

June 5th, 2024 | 2PM BST, 3PM CEST, 9AM EST

About the Topic

The New Paradigm of Influence & Fashion Marketing

Generation Z has ushered in a new era of fashion marketing that is challenging industry norms. The strategies and tactics that worked on previous generations are being put to the test by younger shoppers. There is a call for more value-driven, authentic and community-based conversations, essentially spinning influencer marketing, as we know it, on its head and challenging the status quo. 

With this game-changing shift happening in the industry, how are fashion and retail brands staying relevant? Which Gen Z influencers are garnering the most attention for fashion and sportswear brands? How have fashion marketing strategies and PR tactics evolved over the last few years? And, what impact have they had on brands’ positioning? 

After gathering a wide swath of data from the past few years, Launchmetrics’ team of fashion industry experts have extracted crucial insights and broken them down in our latest report: Reinventing Influence: The Gen Z Impact on Fashion Marketing

Attending this webinar, you will learn data-based findings around the brands and Voices that have grown and generated the most Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) in recent years, as well as the influencers who have risen to fame across all regions. We’ll also reveal the content types, topics and channels that are earning the most engagement thanks to their Gen-Z focused strategies.

About the Webinar

Master Your Gen Z Marketing Strategy

Join us to learn about the winning marketing and PR strategies that luxury, premium and mass market fashion brands are employing to attract younger shoppers. Discover invaluable data-backed insights to perfect your own fashion marketing strategy and stay ahead of the race in this new Gen Z-driven market. 

In this session, we reveal:

  • A deep dive into some of the most impactful Gen Z-focused campaigns in fashion and sportswear
  • The new generation of influence and who’s garnering the most MIV® in each region
  • Which luxury, premium and mass market fashion and sportswear brands are ranking at the top and their MIV® evolution over the years
  • The content formats and channels that are connecting most with consumers today

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June 5th, 2024 | 2PM BST, 3PM CEST, 9AM EST

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