Launchmetrics Solutions: How to Monitor Your PR Coverage and Measure the Impact of Your Campaigns

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Missing coverage? Using Google alerts to find your brand mentions? Manually calculating the impact by comparing magazine rates?

Welcome to Launchmetrics Solutions – a series of live demos, where we introduce you to our products, answer the most anticipated questions, cover industry's biggest pain points and offer solutions tailored to your needs.

Media coverage is essential to any Fashion, Luxury or Beauty brand. It's what PR teams work on on a daily basis, securing media attention to drive brand performance.

According to a report from Kantar Media, cross-channel measurement remains a challenge for 76% of marketing and communication professionals. Understanding the impact of campaigns and easy access to your brand coverage is essential in effective measurement of PR efforts.

Watch the replay of the live demo to learn:

  • How to monitor your brand presence holistically
  • How to understand the true impact of your activities
  • What Media impact Value™ is and how you can use it to analyze your performance on a daily basis
  • How to create easy-to-export PR reports tailored to the needs of every stakeholders


Mark Brewster – Client Experience & Enablement Manager


Aleksandra Rakowska – Business Marketing Executive