How to Accelerate your S2 Results with Strategic Event Management

Uncover the Power of Strategic Event Management: Drive Success for Your Brand

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Strategic event management: driving growth, fostering meaningful connections & catapulting your brand to new heights

Looking ahead to S2 2023, fashion brands are confronted with numerous challenges on the horizon: rising expenses, an economic downturn, and increased concerns about global politics and interest rates. However, amidst this uncertain economic climate, there are multiple strategies available for brands to maintain their competitive edge. With September marking the start of fashion shows and in-store events, it's a prime time for brands to optimize their strategic event management.

Are you ready to create memorable moments that elevate your brand through impactful events? Whether you’re unveiling a new collection, launching a new campaign, or forging partnerships, delivering successful events offer you that very opportunity.

Watch our demo on demand and discover the transformative capabilities of Launchmetrics Events. Bring your brand’s identity to life today.

About the webinar:

Unlocking the secrets to seamless event organization and planning

Having the ability to organize physical events that engage all the senses or cutting-edge digital experiences that connect with customers worldwide is a necessity today. Join us and unlock the potential of strategic event management to drive exponential growth, foster meaningful connections and catapult your brand to new heights.

What you'll find in this webinar:

  • How Events simplifies every aspect of event coordination, scheduling, logistics and attendee management and communication. What's more, find out how RFID technology ensures a hassle-free check-in process
  • Learn how to design compelling invitations, optimize seating charts, and employ other strategies that will leave a lasting impression on your audience
  • How to evaluate the success of in-person events through metrics like the number of RSVPs, attendance figures, and confirmations received. Or, for digital or live-streamed formats, with average attendance and event duration. Find out how to measure the ROI of all your events with Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) as your reference metric
  • How you can seamlessly store and manage all your event data in one place, providing easy access and effortless analysis

Meet our event management experts

Based in Milan, Lisa is a Customer Success Manager at Launchmetrics, dedicated to building and maintaining strong client relationships. As their trusted advocate, Lisa ensures customer satisfaction and adoption by providing expert guidance on system functions and features. Additionally, she serves as the Chairman of the Corporate Social Responsibility committee, actively working on initiatives such as Inclusion & Diversity and Sustainability.

Lisa Buzzoni, Customer Success Manager

Based in London, Charlotte is a member of Launchmetrics' Business Marketing Team, where she specializes in ABM. With a passion for curating engaging content, you’ll find her blogs on the Launchmetrics content hub, spotlighting top performers in the Fashion, Lifestyle, and Beauty industries. Charlotte's interests extend beyond her role as she actively seeks to deepen her understanding of FLB businesses worldwide, always eager to navigate the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of these industries.

Charlotte Gillet, Business Marketing

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