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American Premium Fashion: The Media Impact Value™ Behind Top Campaigns from 2022


The global fashion industry has recently started to find its feet, after a rocky road amidst the unprecedented adversity from the pandemic. The recent times have shifted the marketing perspective. This has allowed the premium fashion industry to adapt to the new outlook of the consumer. This is due to the evolving digital landscape, resulting in a greater demand and reconnecting with them to build stronger communities through the social and online channels.

In The American Premium Fashion report we’ve performed a thorough data analysis - putting our proprietary Media Impact Value™  algorithm (MIV®) to use - in order to better understand the key campaigns that have created the highest Buzz in recent times.

In this report, you will find:

  • Tailored campaigns elevating brand presence
  • Key strategic brand collaboration tactics generating Media Impact Value™
  • The key voices driving the conversation in the American Premium Fashion Industry

The report will prove useful for your upcoming marketing tactics , and inform smarter decision-making to curate your own brand performance campaigns for the years to come. Download it to get all the insights!

More about the report:

We're bringing you the first ever report on the Premium American Fashion Brands(Levi's, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Converse and Michael Kors). In this report, we analyse the notable presence of more eco-centric campaigns, highlighting more inclusivity, and being comfortable in yourself, embracing uniqueness and therefore, being highlighting the core element, which is authenticity and accountability between various voices, as well as an in-depth look at the media impact generated by the top campaigns of the season.