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Digital Impacts in the Luxury Sector: A Snapshot of Jewelry & Watch Brands From Baselworld 2018

Baselworld 2018

Baselworld is known as the main event for luxury jewelry & watch brands and manufacturers worldwide, but as digitalization is increasing, Baselworld has seen some decreases in exhibitors and visitors. Many brands are now asking themselves if it is still profitable to exhibit at the worldwide’s largest watch fair. With the help of our data expert team we were able to gather the data and find out how effective it is for brands to participate at Baselworld 2018 from an influence perspective and what the most-talked-about brands were during the event.

In order to understand how influential the Swiss jewelry & watch fair is for luxury brands, the Launchmetrics team of data experts tracked and analyzed data using our proprietary audience-driven Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) algorithm.

What you’ll discover in this whitepaper:

  • The top brands at Baselworld by MIV®.
  • Top posts on social and online media for the event.
  • Different strategies of brands showcased i.e. Tag Heuer, Hublot, and more.

More about this Whitepaper:

Based on data gathered from Baselworld 2018, you will discover which watch & jewelry brands gained the biggest attention during the Swiss luxury fair. We'll look into brands like Breguet, Tag Heuer and Hublot and thanks to our MIV algorithm get insights on which were the top brands ranked by voices, post and placements during the event.

Download the report to get all the insights and understand the influence of the Baselworld 2018.