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Behind Beauty: Understanding Marketing Investments for Tomorrow


It's been predicted that the global cosmetics market is set to reach $675B by 2020, adding pressure to a market that is already increasingly competitive. A factor driving change in the industry is the digitally-native (v-commerce) brands that, during the last decade, have disrupted the balance and pose a challenge to established brands. With these v-commerce commanding the attention of consumers across digital platforms, it's no longer just a question of marketing budgets, but more about the beauty brand strategy that is in place behind marketing campaigns.

This is why in our report Behind Beauty: Understanding Marketing Investments for Tomorrow, we take a look at the results of 40 beauty and skincare brands to not only understand the current state of marketing in the beauty industry but to garner valuable insights into the strategies behind the activities that these brands committed to during 2019 to inform your future decisions. By tracking and measuring investments accurately, brands will be able to calculate which beauty marketing tactics and trends are the right fit for them in order to increase brand performance and that offer them the optimal ROI on their investments.

In this report, you will find:

  • Insights from leading figures in the industry, including L’Occitane and Melvita, Makeup artist Nikki Wolff, and WWD
  • An understanding of the Voices, their value, and how they impact upon your marketing decisions
  • The data behind the marketing results of global beauty brands
  • A qualitative analysis of Luxury and Mass Market beauty brand strategies

More about the report:

In order to understand the marketing Investments for tomorrow, we highlight the top performing brands by Media Impact Value™ and take a closer look at their Voice Split, to see what channels are bringing the most ROI for brands in the beauty space today. This beauty brand strategy report also offers a qualitative analysis of the performance these strategies yield for the brands In the analysis, we highlight the importance of going digital, of investing in the right voices, of driving authenticity to increase value, of going omnichannel and of putting the customer experience first.

The report will prove useful for your upcoming marketing activities and inform smarter decision-making to improve your own brand performance for the year to come. Download it to get all the insights!