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Beauty Unboxed: The Top Influencers for Mass Market, Premium & Luxury Brands [Annual 2021 Edition]


Welcome once again to our ‘Beauty Unboxed’ series. As you might know, for a whole year we have been analyzing the top 10 influencers by MIV® for premium, luxury, and mass market beauty brands. As we are almost arriving at the end of 2021, we have decided to put together a special annual edition and bring you the top 10 influencers by MIV® for the premium, luxury, and mass market for 2021. Additionally, we spotlight the 9 biggest trends that are dominating in the beauty marketing influencers campaigns of today in each segment.

In this report, you will find:

- The top 10 influencers by MIV® for the Mass Market, Premium, and Luxury Beauty segments for 2021
- The top 9 trends of the Beauty Brand Marketing Strategies in 2021

More about the report:

As the global beauty industry is generating over $500 billion in sales per year, according to McKinsey, it’s becoming more critical for brands to monitor their brand performance, as well as understand where their investments in influencers should be focused and to adapt their marketing strategies based on the beauty industry needs of today. In order to illustrate which influencers and creators generated the highest MIV® for Mass, Premium, and Luxury Market Beauty Brands for 2021, we ranked the top 10 influencers globally. We also highlight what tactics and influencer marketing strategies are beauty brands using through various social media channels.

In this report, you will learn who is the top influencer for brands like L'Oréal, Dior, Glossier and Fenty. You will also get insights into the trends that are dominating influencer marketing strategies in 2021. So, get ready to unbox the rankings with us, and see which of the top creators and brands are featured in these rankings.