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Beauty Unboxed: The Top Influencers for Luxury Brands [August Edition]


Welcome to ‘Beauty Unboxed’: our new monthly series where we bring you the top 10 influencers by MIV® for premium, luxury, or mass-market beauty brands. This mini-report features the list of the most innovative and engaging creators and also spotlights three brands that are making waves through their expert marketing strategies every month. In the August edition, we delve into the Luxury segment, and explore brands like Dior Beauty, YSL Beauty, and Chanel Beauty.

In this report, you will find:

  • The top 10 influencers by MIV® for the Luxury Beauty segment
  • Three spotlights on brands who are excelling in their space

In order to illustrate which influencers and creators generate the highest MIV® for Luxury Beauty Brands, we ranked the top 10 influencers on an international scale. We also highlight how Dior Beauty, YSL Beauty, and Chanel Beauty are mastering their marketing strategies thanks to top influencers using various social media channels.

More about the report on beauty marketing efforts through influencers:

Influencers are a huge asset to marketing efforts for brands and are changing the face of this industry, attracting mass followings on social media, particularly Instagram and YouTube. In the competition for the consumer’s attention, influencers are taking center stage as consumers increasingly divert their attention away from more traditional forms of marketing. 

So, download the report to unbox the rankings with us, and see which of your favourite creators and brands are featured in this segment! As well as discover all about the power of Media Impact Value™ as a standard metric built for the fashion, luxury, and beauty industries, that can help measure marketing campaigns and determine the Return on Investment of an Influencer marketing campaign, in addition to benchmarking against competitors.