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Beauty : How to best leverage key moments on the marketing calendar

Discover the most important cultural, regional and ecommerce holiday moments for beauty brands and how best-in-class brands capitalize on key celebratory days to generate buzz and drive conversion

The beauty industry is more competitive than ever, and its landscape has evolved considerably in recent times due to the boom of new brands, products and platforms. In order to amplify brand presence, maximize engagement and drive conversion, beauty brands should lean on these "key moments" to their advantage.

At Launchmetrics, we defined “key moments” as the major cultural, regional or eCommerce holidays that drive high consumer engagement and commercial opportunities. In this report, we took a deeper look at 5 major “key moments”, including Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

We take a deep dive in understanding the dynamics between the key celebratory days and how the best-in-class beauty brands garnered Media Impact Value by creating memorable holiday experiences around the world on various channels.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • The "key moments" and their size, impact and relevance to the beauty industry
  • The regional nuances, channel and Voice split by key moment
  • The key marketing tactics driving Media Impact Value™ for the beauty brands
  • How Kylie Cosmetics leveraged Valentine's Day for its product launch, driving longtail influencer engagement across platforms
  • How Dior generated MIV via retail and editorial partner channels, especially around gifting
  • How Lancôme drove reach and engagement in China during Chinese New Year celebration with an omni-channel strategy

Download the report to discover the best performing key moments for the beauty industry and best practices in driving your brands Media Impact Value™ during key celebratory days.